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25 NOV - 4 DEC [04 Dec 2016|10:45pm]

[ mood | Tired ]

{Babylon 5}
- A Geodesic of Souls (Susan/Talia) by Spacecats **off-LJ link**- .

{Devil Wears Prada}
- Andrea Ascendant Chapter 7,8 of 14 by trialpenmanship -

{Drabbles, Short fic, fic}
- Don't Lift a Finger (Tara/Willow) by <BetweenADream> - .
- Won't Take This Lying Down (Buffy/Faith) by edenfalling - .
- Warlock of Sunnydale (Buffy, Amy, Dawn) Chapter 22 of ? by <makoto x chelia">** Off LJ Link -
- New Rules (Buffy/Faith Chapter 7 of ? by <"Goingthroughthemotions"> ** Off LJ Link-
- Down side of Me (Buffy/Faith) Chapter 3 of ? by <AeschylusRex> - ** Off LJ Links
- Bright College Days (Faith/Willow) Chapter 13-17 by <"steeleye"> - (NCIS and Animal House)
- The Aftermath: The End Chapter 20 (Tara/Willow) by <Fmfan1980> - ( Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica) ** Off LJ Links
- Blood and Chaos (Harmony/Amy/Madison/Faith) Part 84 of ? by <Aetheron> - **off LJ Links
- Tar (Faith/Buffy) by mortalcoil- . ** off LJ Links
- Cover of Darkness (Tara/Willow) by <Between_a_Dream- . **Off LJ Links

{Legend of the Seeker}
- Life Interrupted (Kahlan/Cara) by oceangazer_ff - .

- The Sisterhood of the Ruby Stilettos xiii: Thankful (Natasha/Pepper) by marvel_slash - .

{Once Upon A Time}
{Drabble fic}
- The First Time (Regina/Maleficient) by dexstarr - .
- Sweetness of Love (Emma/Regina/Ruby) by demoka - .
- Boarding the Good Ship Clarification (Emma/Snow White) by demoka - .

{True Blood}
- Whispers, Not Rumors (Pamela/Jessica) by dexstarr - .

- Burn Away Your Pride (Charlotte/Becky Lynch) by suicix - . ** Off LJ Links
- for all that could have been us (Charlotte/Becky Lynch)</a> by suicix - . ** Off LJ Links
- waiting for the last goodbye (Brie Bella/AJ Lee) by suicix - . ** Off LJ Links
- the bluest of moons (Nikki/Alicia) by suicix - . ** Off LJ Links
- weathering your storm (Aksana/Alicia) by suicix - . ** Off LJ Links

- dvlwears_prada - Christmas Challenge

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{21-24 november 2016} [24 Nov 2016|07:53pm]

[ mood | blah ]

{The 100}
- Little cheerleaders by stardustcd - Octavia/Lexa **off-LJ link**
- Speculations by stardustcd - Octavia/Raven **off-LJ link**
- Stupid red sock by stardustcd - Octavia/Raven **off-LJ link**

- Greek Life by templefugate - Mari McCabe/Diana Prince **off-LJ link**

{Devil Wears Prada}
- Chapters 4-6 of Andrea Ascendant by trialpenmanship - Miranda/Andy

{The Expendables}
- Light My Morning Sky by [personal profile] reinadefuego - Maggie Chan / Sandra Garza **off-LJ link**

{Greek Mythology}
- A truth and a lie by killing_kurare - Cassandra/Helen

- Fly on the Wall by brutti_ma_buoni - Dawn/Gwen (BtVS)
- Sky of Life by Between_A_Dream - Willow/Tara (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Good Kitty by Between_A_Dream - Willow/Tara (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Lights Up by PhoenixEgg - Tara/Willow (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- fortune teller by nowrunalong - Faith/Tara (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Introductions by PhoenixEgg - Tara/Willow (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Footraces and Battleships by PhoenixEgg - Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **off-LJ link**

- The Sisterhood Of The Ruby Stilettos XIII: Thankful by bradygirl_12 - Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts

- rumour has it by suicix - Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch (WWE) **off-LJ link**
- make it look so easy (doing something so hard) by suicix - Sasha Banks/Charlotte (WWE) **off-LJ link**

- First Dance by 4kennedy - Alex/Maggie
- Exercising Patience by 4kennedy - Alex/Maggie

- Outer Beauty by [personal profile] wynnebat - Alanna of Trebond/Delia of Eldorne **off-LJ link**

- femslash100 - challenge #522 - rumor
- [community profile] femslash_kink - Prompting open until the 25th **off-LJ link**
- slashthedrabble - Prompt #425 ~ Past Challenges Revisited #51 to #100 (Two week break)

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Nov. 16-20 Archive [20 Nov 2016|08:12pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

- Friendly Challenge 521: 3 Scott & Bailey Drabbles (Rachel Bailey/Janet Scott) by madampresident - .
- Misery Loves Company Challenge 521: 3 The Closer Drabbles (Brenda Leigh Johnson/Sharon Raydor) by madampresident - .

{Devil Wears Prada}

- Andrea Ascendant1, 2, 3 of 14 by trialpenmanship -

{Dr. Who}

- Family Connection by lizardladylove - .


- Round 138: Fly on the all (Dawn/Gwen, PG13) by brutti_ma_buoni - .
- New Rules (Buffy/Faith Chapter 3 of ? by <"GoingThroughTheMotions42">-FanFiction - .
- Forgotten Conscience (Buffy S., Faith L.) (Willow R., Tara M) Chapter 113 of ? by "Forgotten Conscience"> Fan Fiction-
- Faith's Hopeful Tricks (Buffy/Willow Chapter 8 of ? by sly_trickster -
- Chapter 5 Bright College Days AO3 by <"steeleye"> - (NCIS, Animal House)
- Taking This One to the Grave (Buffy/Willow) 36 of ? by lco123 - (Pretty Little Liars)
- Faith's Hopeful Tricks (Buffy/Faith) Chapter 8 by siriusly_sly - FanFiction.net .

{Once Upon a Time}

- Wishes In Your Eyes by swan_secrets - .

- Drabbletag 7: Supergirl (Alex/Maggie) by 4kennedy - .
- Exercising Patience Drabbletag7: Supergirl - (Alex/Maggie) by 4kennedy - .

- Just Tonight (Dana/Charlotte) by suicix - .
- Challenge #521: and I miss when you were everything (Kaitlyn/AJ) by suicix - .

- Drabble Cycle 12 - by norienchronicle - (Original Fiction and Hunger Games)
- Round 138: Fly On The Wall (Gwen/Dawn) by brutti_ma_buoni - .
- Twas the Night Before Christmas Challenge 521: 2 Modern Family Drabbles (Claire Dunphy/Gloria Pritchett) by madampresident - .

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{11-15 november 2016} [15 Nov 2016|01:44pm]

[ mood | creative ]

{Big Hero 6}
- what little we have left by templefugate - Honey Lemon/Gogo Tomago

{Devil Wears Prada}
- And Even Though It All Went Wrong by marygriggs - Miranda/Andy
- Chapter 43 of A Flawed Fragility by theladyholl - Andy/Miranda

- Impossibrew by [personal profile] samuraiter - Cocoa / Chino **off-LJ link**

- To Own Their Dreams by katleept - Tabitha/Barbara

{Harry Potter}
- Crop Top by norienchronicle - Ginny/Luna **off-LJ link**

- this is your (after)life by mearcats - Fred/Tara (AtS/BtVS crossover) **off-LJ link**
- Strange and Beautiful by Between_A_Dream - Tara/Willow (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Sweet Things by zarahjoyce - Darla/Drusilla (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Five Words by Between_A_Dream - Willow/Tara (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 29 of Second Chances: Season 6 by chadmaako - Faith/Tara/Willow (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 18 of The Aftermath: The End by Fmfan1980 - Tara/Willow (BtVS crossover w/ SG1) **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 12 of Buffy And The Lost Slayer by christytrekkie - Fred/Willow (AtS/BtVS crossover) **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 112 of Forgotten Conscience by Forgotten Conscience - Buffy/Faith, Willow/Tara (BtVS) **off-LJ link**

{The New Adventures of Old Christine}
- A Woman, Her Wife, and Her Ex-Husband by norienchronicle - Barb/Christine **off-LJ link**

{Original Fic}
- This Is A Duet by norienchronicle - Roberta "Bobby" White/Kim Queen **off-LJ link**
- Wives, Daughters, and Cats by norienchronicle - Roberta "Bobby" White/Kim Queen (crossover w/ The Aristocats & Oliver and Company) **off-LJ link**
- Stars and Statuettes by norienchronicle - Roberta "Bobby" White/Kim Queen **off-LJ link**
- geonncannon - Riley Parra Crowdfunding!

- All This Bad Blood by [personal profile] paperfaded - Taylor Swift/Katy Perry **off-LJ link**
- all these lights and you're the brightest thing i see by suicix - Nikki Bella/Alicia Fox (WWE) **off-LJ link**
- near endless nights by suicix - AJ Lee/Paige/Summer Rae (WWE) **off-LJ link**

{Sherlock (BBC)}
- A Spectacular Treat by scandalbaby - Irene/Molly **off-LJ link**

- slashthedrabble - Prompt #423 ~ PTSD
- [community profile] femslashficlets - challenge #085 - blood
- femslash100 - challenge #521 - three AM

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12 NOVEMBER 2016 [14 Nov 2016|03:06pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Have patience with the newbie archivist

{Buffy the Vampire Slayer}

- Strange And Beautiful (http://archiveofourown.org/works/8533036) by <"Between A Dreamer"> - .
- Forgotten Conscience (CHAPTER 112)(https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10674288/112/Forgotten-Conscience) by <"Forgotten Conscience="> - (Buffy/Faith, Willow/Tara)
- The Aftermath Part 18 by <"FmFun1980="> - (Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactia)

{Devil wears Prada}
- A Flawed Fragility (http://dvlwears-prada.livejournal.com/2899620.html) Part 43 of by theladyholl

- http://archiveofourown.org/works/8545615 by suicix - .
- http://archiveofourown.org/works/8545657 by suicix - .

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{10 november 2016} [10 Nov 2016|12:38pm]

[ mood | creative ]

39 links in 13+ fandomsCollapse )

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{mod post} State of the comm, 14 October 2016 [14 Oct 2016|10:29am]

[ mood | crappy ]

As you can see, there has been no activity on this comm since 11th July 2016.

While I don't want to see this comm well and truly die, I can't do it all by myself. RL has been hectic for a number of reasons for me this year, and I don't see it getting any better. That said, I am willing to set aside some time each week [or try my damnedest to do so] to get updates done. Again, I can't do this all on my own.

If you want this comm to continue, please consider volunteering to help with the updates.

I am in the middle of some severe storm conditions this weekend and may lose power at some point, so I will start trying to do updates on Mondays, starting this coming Monday, 17th October 2016. If you want updates to come more often than once a week, consider volunteering to help with updates.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, my PMs are always open, or you can leave a comment here.

Thank you.


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{9-11 july 2016} [11 Jul 2016|09:50pm]

40 links in 21+ fandomsCollapse )
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{01-08 july 2016} [08 Jul 2016|07:39pm]

[ mood | creative ]

83 links in 35 fandomsCollapse )

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Fireworks 16: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle :: Masterlist [08 Jul 2016|05:02pm]

Please note :: All fics can now be added to the AO3 collection if that is your preference.

30 links in 19 fandomsCollapse )
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Fireworks 16: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle :: Prompt Posting [02 Jul 2016|03:17pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

The Porn Battle is now CLOSED.

You may keep filling prompts, but your entries may not get added to the masterlist.

Hey there, folks. Welcome to the vaguely annual f_t porn battle. The rules are pretty simple, easy to follow and go as such:
  • Pick a prompt, any prompt and write or draw or manip the steamiest thing you can from it.
  • When you've finished your porn, post it in a comment to this post.
  • If you wrote a story that is longer than 4,300 characters you can either: post it in a linked stream of comments to this post, or post it in your journal and link it here.
  • If you created art and it's wider than 400 pixels, create a thumbnail and use it to link directly to the artwork, not to your journal or website.
  • Use the subject line of your comment to label your fic/artwork. use this format: title, fandom, pairing, inspiration word.
  • If your story/artwork is AT ALL triggery, you MUST warn for it, preferably at the very top of your comment in ALL CAPS. It can be in the subject line if it's an ALL CAPS warning.
  • Once you've posted your piece here, feel free to post it anywhere else. Just make sure to link back to this main post.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you'd like. As many people as are inspired can use each prompt, so don't worry if someone else has already used the prompt you've got your eye on - just go for it.
  • You have until 2359 EDT on Tuesday, 5 July 2016 (countdown) to post your piece.
  • Please post only submissions and feedback to this post. Feedback as much as you can, but make sure you've clicked the comment link that leads to the story you want to feedback, and not the main post before you click "submit"! Any questions or comments should be posted to the original post with a subject line of either QUESTION or COMMENT.
  • There's a good chance some prompts went missing during the organization process - if you notice some of your prompts missing and want to make sure they get added in, just pm me with a link to your original prompt submission comment. I'll do my best to get them back on the list as soon as possible.

A masterlist of all of the pornorific fic and art created here will be posted up as a separate entry on 6 July 2016.

Remember, this is where you comment with your fic/art/etc. see the following for prompts...
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{porn battle: prompts for rpfs and crossovers} [02 Jul 2016|03:07pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

prompts for rpfs and crossoversCollapse )

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{porn battle: prompts for fandoms s-z} [02 Jul 2016|03:05pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

prompts for fandoms s-zCollapse )

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{porn battle: prompts for fandoms j-r} [02 Jul 2016|03:02pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

prompts for fandoms j-rCollapse )

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{porn battle: prompts for fandoms # - i} [02 Jul 2016|03:00pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

prompts for fandoms # - iCollapse )

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Fireworks 16: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle [29 Jun 2016|01:57pm]


Prompting is now OPEN!

So Monday is Independence Day in America, a day full of fireworks, grilling out, drinking beer, and just plain enjoying the excuse to party. Oh, and celebrating the independence that the US won from the Brits [no hard feelings, eh?]. So what better time to have another round of the Not-Quite-Annual femslash_today porn battle? I it's been a while since we've done this, but hopefully it'll be just like riding your girlfriend a bike!

If you haven't played before, or you need a rules refresher, here we go…
  • From now until 2359 Eastern Daylight Time [PDT] on Friday, 1 July 2016 (countdown), we will be collecting prompts in the comments to this post. [The prompt collection guidelines will follow soon.]
  • At some point soon after midnight Saturday, a post listing all of the prompts will go up.
  • You'll have from then until 2359 EDT on Monday, 4 July 2016 (countdown), to write, draw, manip, or vid the hottest porn you can come up with from the prompts and post them in a comment to the prompt list post.
  • You can enter as many times as you want, using as many prompts as spark your interest. as many people as want can use each prompt - heck, use your own prompt if you feel like it. [More on how to post your entries will be included in the post on 2 July 2016.]
  • There are only 2 limits on the entries.
    a.) They should fit into one comment window (that's 4,300 characters).
    b.) They should be porny.
  • If your story is too long to fit in one comment you have two options.
    a.) Break it into parts and post it in linked comments.
    b.) Post it in an un-locked post in your journal and then post a link to it in the battle post.

Are you with us so far?


Now, on to the guidelines for how to post your prompts:
  • The prompts should be simple, just a fandom, character/pairing/threesome/foursome/orgy and inspiration word. post them in this format: fandom, pairing, inspiration word
  • If your prompt is a crossover pairing, please put the word "crossover" at the beginning of your prompt, like this: crossover, fandoms, pairing, inspiration word
  • Any fandom, from tv to book to RPFS to movies, is okay, with the following 2 caveats:
    a.) femslash between two characters who identify as female and
    b.) not underage RPFS
  • Post as many prompts as you can come up with!
  • Do not leave a new comment for each prompt - fit as many prompts as you can into one comment. if you come up with more prompts after you've already posted a comment, leave your new prompts in a new comment to the post, not to your previous comment or as an edit to your original comment. Again do not edit your original comments to change/add prompts.

And once again, the format for prompts: fandom, pairing, inspiration word

Examples of past prompts
Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan, cat fight
Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Arizona, cherry vanilla
Babylon 5, Susan/Talia, caffeine
Crossover, In Plain Sight/Karen Sisco, Mary Shanon/Marley Novak, one-up
Crossover, Castle/Leverage, Kate Beckett/Tara Cole, conman

Sound good? Get to it, then! And don't forget to pimp! Cause, seriously - the more people playing, the more fun for everyone!

Also, we will be screening comments as we go in compiling the prompt list. Therefore, if your prompt is screened, we've already got it on the prompt list.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM ariestess.

*As always, credit and praise for the porn battle concept goes to the mighty and awesome oxoniensis!
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{mod post} State of the comm, 28 June 2016 [28 Jun 2016|07:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

First off, an apology to everyone for basically disappearing for the last month and a half. RL took precedence and I honestly just forgot.

There are things that I need to get done on this comm, all of which are in progress now.

  • Update the tags with the new system we'll be using from this point on.
    If you're intersted in helping with this project, please leave a comment or PM me.

  • Update the "how to" posts for future archivists.

  • Prep for Fireworks 16 Porn Battle over the holiday weekend.
    The prompt collection post will go up either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • Update more often.
    Regular updates will start on Friday, 1 July 2016. I will choose an arbitrary number of entries to go back [most likely the maximum allowed, which is like skip=180] to go back for the first update.

Thank you for your patience.

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{17-21 april 2016} [22 Apr 2016|09:54am]

[ mood | creative ]

34 links in 15 fandomsCollapse )

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{3-16 april 2016} [22 Apr 2016|01:22am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

42 links in 16+ fandomsCollapse )

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{21 march - 3 april 2016} [04 Apr 2016|01:19am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

58 links in 19+ fandomsCollapse )

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