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{celebrate! good times: porn battle prt 2}

here's the second part of the prompts list:

all other fandoms
24, Kim/Michelle, shine
24, Martha/Evelyn, state of mind

28 Days, Gwen/Andrea, heroin

28 Weeks Later, Scarlet/Tammy, survival
28 Weeks Later, Scarlet/Tammy, back in America
28 Weeks Later, Scarlet/Tammy, new big sister

30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, drinks
30 Rock, Liz/Jenna, Chicago
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, shoes
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, double entendre
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, second thoughts
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, couches
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, blondes
30 Rock, Liz/Jenna, streaking
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, dude
30 Rock, Liz/Cerie, whatever
30 Rock, Liz/Jenna, career women
30 Rock, Liz/Jenna, fear
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, TV dinner
30 Rock, Liz/Jenna, deflect
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, Oprah
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, surrender
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, acceptance
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, fashionable
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, Christmas
30 Rock, Liz/Gretchen, sugar cookie

4400, diana skouris/alana moreva, betrayal
4400, diana skouris/nina jarvis, top secret
4400, diana skouris/meghan doyle, office warming

9 to 5, Violet/Dora Lee, scarf
9 to 5, Violet/Judy, hats

Absolutely Fabulous, Edina/Patsy, divorce

Alias, Rachel/Sydney, yoga
Alias, Isabelle/Rachel, mother
Alias, Lauren/Sydney, Suriname
Alias, Peyton/Rachel, caning
Alias, Sydney/Rachel, late nights
Alias, Sydney/Rachel/Nadia, making it work
Alias, Rachel/Peyton, fears
Alias, Lauren/Sydney, target
Alias, Lauren/Sydney, vantage point
Alias, Rachel/Sydney, helping hand
Alias, Sydney/Lauren, letters
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, buttons
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, safety
alias, sydney/lauren, disguise
alias, lauren/peyton, villian
alias, peyton/rachel, frenemies
alias, sydney/rachel, first kiss
Alias, Sydney/Lauren, alive
Alias, Sydney/Lauren, gunpowder
Alias, Sydney/Rachel, family
Alias, Sydney/Rachel, photographs
Alias, Rachel/Peyton, trust
Alias, Emily/Laura, tea
Alias, Anna/Lauren, leather
Alias, Anna/Sydney, fight
Alias, Rachel/Sydney, high heels
Alias, Rachel/Other, newbie
Alias, Rachel/Sydney, anxious
Alias, Rachel/Nadia, sweet
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, distance
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, fear
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, delicious
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, scratches
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, silk
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, brutal
Alias, Sydney/Nadia, tender

Alien Resurrection, Ripley/Call, Human

Ally McBeal, Nelle/Ling, boredom
Ally McBeal, Nelle/Renée, dislike

andromeda, beka/doyle, run
andromeda, beka/gold!trance, distance
andromeda, beka/gold!trance, slight of hand

Anita Blake, Anita/Ronnie, girl talk
Anita Blake, Anita/Raina, marked

Army Wives, Denise/Claudia Joy, loss
Army Wives, Claudia Joy/Denise, flowers
Army Wives, Claudie Joy/Denise, sorrow
Army Wives, Claudie Joy/Denise, pleasure
Army Wives,Claudia Joy/Denise, home
Army Wives, Pamela/Roxy,stars
Army Wives, Pam/Roxie, lively
Army Wives, Claudia Joy/Denise, with me
Army Wives, Denise/Claudia-Joy, unspoken
Army Wives, Denise/Claudia-Joy, scones
Army Wives, Denise/Claudia-Joy, laughter

Arthurian Mythos, Morgan Le Fay/Nimue, secrets

Avatar, Azula/Mai, a cure for boredom
Avatar, Katara/Azula, sand
Avatar, Suki/Toph, war paint
Avatar, Katara/Azula, drowning

babylon 5, susan/talia, listen
babylon 5, susan/talia, lie
babylon 5, susan/talia, taste
B5, Susan/Talia, Silence
B5, Susan/Talia, Lost
Babylon 5, Lochley/Ivanova, bubbles
Babylon 5, Lochley/Ivanova, blood

Baby-Sitter's Club, Kristy/Mary-Anne, baseball
Baby-Sitters Club, Mary Anne/Sharon, no way out
Baby-Sitters Club, Jessi/Mallory, black and white
Baby-Sitter's Club, Dawn/Stacy, vegetarian
The Baby-sitters Club, Stacey/Charlotte, pencils
The Baby-sitters Club, Stacey/Claudia, red
The Baby-sitters Club, Stacey/Janine, autumn
The Baby-sitters Club, Claudia/Janine, skirts
The Baby-sitters Club, Mary Anne/Janine, autumn

Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, bar
Bad Girls, Crystal/Denny, sinning
Bad Girls, Crystal/Zandra, goodbye
Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, vodka
Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, running
Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, night
Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, danger
Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki, sweat

Bare: A Pop Opera, Ivy/Nadia, make believe
Bare: A Pop Opera, Ivy/Nadia, pride

Battle Royale, Chisato/Megumi, fear

Bedford Diaries, Natalie/Zoe, studying
Bedford Diaries, Carla/Katrina, arches

Bend it Like Beckham, Jess/Jules, far

The Best Years, Sam/Alicia, drinks
The Best Years, Sam/Kathryn, need
The Best Years, Sam/Alicia, sisters

Big Love, Nicki/Margene, poker
Big Love, Heather/Sarah, secrets
Big Love, Nicki/Margene, visceral
Big Love, Rhonda/Sarah, a lot like you
Big Love, Rhonda/Sarah, prophecy
Big Love, Barb/Margene, schedule
Big Love, Barb/Nicki, sickness
Big Love, Barb/Nicki, salvation
Big Love, Barb/Nicki, succubus
Big Love, Barb/Nicki, inferior
Big Love, Barb/Nicki, honeymoon
Big Love, Sarah/Heather, imagination
Big Love, Sarah/Heather, new
big love, sarah/heather, prophecy
big love, rhonda/heather, the principle
big love, margie/ana, fourth
big love, margie/barb, broken
big love, sarah/margie, lessons

Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, bartending
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, stripped
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, reclamation
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, outside
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, transitory
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, ruffles
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, cookie
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, evergreen
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, Japanese freight train
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, tick-tock
Bionic Woman, Jaime/Sarah, centrifugal force

Blackadder II, Queenie/Bob, what's his is mine
Blackadder Blackadder the Third, Amy/Wellington's nieces, dry feet
Blackadder Goes Forth, Nurse Mary/Bob, break

Blade, Chase/Krista, "I think we killed Marcus."
Blade, Chase/Krista, rave
Blade, Chase/Krista, katana
Blade, Chase/Krista, undercover
Blade, Chase/Krista, not Blade-approved
Blade, Chase/Krista, serum

Bleach, Rukia/Orihime, strength
Bleach, Rukia/Orihime, sword
Bleach, Tatsumi/Orihime, soft
Bleach, Tatsumi/Orihime, hands

Blood +, Diva/Julia, voracious
Blood +, Diva/Julia, play doctor
Blood +, Diva/Saya, love
Blood +, Diva/Mao, starlet
Blood +, Julia/Saya, saftey

Bones, Angela/Brennan, blindfold
Bones, Brennan/Angela, girls love easily
bones, brennan/angela, jewelry
bones, brennan/angela, release
bones, brennan/cam, boundaries

Boston legal, Denise/Shirley, beer

Bound, Violet/Corky, mile high

Boys Don't Cry, Brandon/Lana, fairy tale

The Bourne Supremacy, Pam/Nicky, ruthless
TBS, Pam/Nicky, refusal
TBS, Pam/Nicky, substitutions

Boxcar Children, Jessie/Violet, womanhood

Bridget Jones's Diary, Bridget/Sharon, drunk

Brimstone, Ash/Ros, alone

Bring It On, Missy/Torrance, competition (post-high school)
Bring it On, Missy/Isis, flip
Bring It On, Missy/Isis, power
Bring It On, Missy/Torrance, pretend

Brokeback Mountain, Alma Jr./OFC, growing up
Brokeback Mountain, Alma/Lureen, free
Brokeback Mountain, Cassie/Lureen, drinkin’
Brokeback Mountain, LaShawn/Lureen, sneak off

Carmen Sandiego (cartoon), Carmen/Ivy, "I've caught you."
Carmen Sandiego (cartoon), Carmen, masterbation

Carnivale, Iris Crowe/Sofie, bruise
Carnivàle, Libby/Sophie, in Hollywood
Carnivàle, Libby/Sophie, crude
Carnivàle, Libby/Sophie, jealousy

Castle Waiting, Peace/Nessie, not quite a romance

Chalet School, Nancy/Kathie, acceptance
Chalet School, Nancy/Kathie, pantomime

Charmed, Phoebe/Billie, family
Charmed, Phoebe/Kira, sense

Chess, Florence/Svetlana, illusion
Chess, Florence/Svetlana, shelter
Chess, Florence/Svetlana, apology
Chess, Florence/Svetlana, angels

Chicago, Roxie/Velma, tart
Chicago, Mama/Velma, five-dollar bill
Chicago, Mama/Roxie, doll
Chicago, Mama/Roxie/Velma, bars

The Children's Hour, Karen/Martha, fool
The Children's Hour, Martha/Karen, iron

China Beach, McMurphy/K.C., searing

Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy Pevensie/Jill Pole, Girl Guides
Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy Pevensie/Jill Pole, companionship
Chronicles of Narnia, Susan Pevnsie/Jadis, end

Classical Mythology, Aphrodite/Artemis/Athene, chastity
Classical Mythology, Aphrodite/Artemis/Athene, sisters

Close To Home, Annabeth/Maureen, killing time

Clueless, Dionne/Cher, straight

Code Name wa Sailor V, Minako/Natsuna Sakurada, inappropriate

Coffee Prince, Eun Chan/Yoo Joo, intimidate
Coffee Prince, Eun Chan/Yoo Joo, je ne sais quoi
Coffee Prince, Eun Chan/Yoo Joo, androgyny

Cold Case, Lilly/Christina, only you
Cold Case, Billie/Rose, moonshine
Cold Case, Billie/Rose, poetry
Cold Case, Lilly/Kat, risk worth taking
Cold Case, Lilly/Kat, unexpected
Cold Case, Lilly/Kat, surprised to see me?

commander in chief, mac/jayne, looking back
commander in chief, jayne/kelly, knowing
commander in chief, jayne/kelly, dawn
Commander in Chief, Mac/Kelly, honey
Commander in Chief, Mac/Jayne, trickery
Commander in Chief, Jayne/Kelly, honesty
Commander in Chief, Jayne/Kelly, cold
Commander in Chief, Jayne/Sarah, sickness
Commander in Chief, Grace/Nora, missing

Crossing Jordan, Jordan/Lily, aperture
Crossing Jordan, Jordan/Lily, back to work
Crossing Jordan, Jordan/Lily, helpless
Crossing Jordan, Jordan/Lily, cosset

Criminal Minds, JJ/Emily, two sides
Criminal Minds, Elle/JJ, forget

Da Vinci's Inquest, Sgt. Sheila Kurtz/Det. Angela Kosmo

Dallas, Sue Ellen/Pam, breakfast

Damages, Ellen/Patty, cutthroat
Damages, Ellen/Patty, exploit
damages, patti/katie, lies
damages, patti/katie, smoking
damages, patti/ellen, self-survival
Damages, Ellen/Patty, student
Damages, Patti/Ellen, ignorance

Daria, Daria/Jane, career
Daria, Quinn/Sandi, Devil Wears Prada

Dark Angel, Max/Asha, wtf?
Dark Angel, Max/Asha, room

Dark Shadows, Dr. Julia Hoffman/Angelique, fire

Dead Like Me, Roxy/Daisy, uniform
Dead Like Me, George/Daisy, roommates
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, flirt
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, manipulate
Dead Like Me, Betty/George, photographs
Dead Like Me, Betty/George, virginity
Dead Like Me, Betty/George, life lessons
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, youth
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, lingerie
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, routine
Dead Like Me, Daisy/George, Holywood glamour

Death Note, Takada/Lidner, power
Death Note, Takada/Lidner, protection
Death Note, Misa/Takada, competitor
Death Note, Rem/Misa, voyeur
Death Note, Rem/Naomi Misora, second chance
Death Note, Misa/Takada, thin line

Degrassi, Alex/Ellie, five ways
Degrassi, Alex/Emma, drugs
Degrassi, Paige/Heather Sinclair
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, boxes
Degrassi, Ellie/Paige, coffee
Degrassi, Alex/Ellie, hearts
degrassi tng, paige/alex, draw
degrassi tng, paige/alex, stress release
degrassi tng, paige/alex, date
degrassi tng, paige/alex, dance
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, couch
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, phone
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, whisper
Degrassi, Alex/Mel, skirt
Degrassi, Alex/Mel, drinks
Degrassi - Paige/Alex - birthday tease
Degrassi, Paige/Carla, car
Degrassi, Paige/Ellie, scar
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, sparkle
Degrassi, Paige/Alex, grades
Degrassi TNG, Paige/Alex, strip
Degrassi TNG, Paige/Alex, wall
Degrassi TNG, Paige/Alex, safe sex
Degrassi TNG, Paige/Alex, "That looked easier on TV."

Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, green
Devil Wears Prada, Emily/Andrea, office gossip
The Devil Wears Prada, Emily/Andrea, mirror
The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Emily/Andrea, end of an era
Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, shoes
devil wears prada, emily/andy, couture
devil wears prada, emily/serena, second best
devil wears prada, emily/miranda, job security
devil wears prada, andy/miranda, returns
The Devil Wears Prada, Emily/Andrea, "take that off this instant!"
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, firewood
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, cocktail parasols
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, sauna
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, deliberate
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, arcade
Devil Wears Prada, Andy/Miranda, milk mustache
The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Lily, payback
The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Jacqueline Follet, devour
The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Kate Sachs (Andy's mom), college
The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda/Andy, pleasant
The Devil Wears Prada, Jacqueline Follet/Emily, revenge

Dexter, Deb/Rita, shared
dexter, maria laguerta/deborah morgan, exceptional performance

Dirt, Garbo/Willa, high
Dirt, Garbo/Willa, hard
Dirt, Garbo/Willa, hurt

Dirty Dancing, Baby/Penny, forgotten

Discworld, Polly/Maladict(a), peace
Discworld, Lofty/Tonker, godsdammit
Discworld, Lady Sybil/Lady Serafine, school days
Discworld, Tiffany Aching/Annagramma Hawkin, goats (this would have to be after they grow up, of course)
Discworld, Susan/Adora Belle, timeout
Discworld, Susan/Ella Saturday, ritual
Discworld, Lady Margolotta/Maladicta, no more corsets
Discworld, Lady Margolotta/Lady Serafine, beastly
Discworld, Sally/Angua, snarl
Discworld, Sally/Maladicta, addiction
Discworld, Susan/Granny, finale
Discworld, Angua/Cheery, revelation
Discworld, Polly/Maladicta, bruises
Discworld, Susan/Angua, beer

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Vivian/Genevieve, grieving
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Vivian/Teensy, shout
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Vivian/Sister Solange, baptism
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Vivian/Wiletta, years
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Vivian/Wiletta, relief

Donnie Darko, Elizabeth/Gretchen, I knew him

Dracula, Mina/Lucy, paradise lost

Dreamgirls, Effie/Deena, young

due South, Frannie/Maggie, uniform
due South, Thatcher/Janet Morse, authority
due South, Celine/Melissa (girls from Some Like It Red), reunion
Due South, Morgan/Victoria, plan

Elektra (movie), Elektra/Abby, found you

Elfquest, Jink/Tamia, two parts
Elfquest, Kahvi/Aroree, hidden things
Elfquest, Tyleet/Dewshine, pleasure hunt

E.R., Abby/Susan, smoke
E.R., Abby/Neela, recovery
ER, Abby/Susan, chocolate
ER, Abby/Susan, stars
ER, Abby/Susan, city
ER, Abby/Susan, honest
ER, Abby/Susan, passion
ER, Abby/Susan, scars

Eureka, Allison/Beverly, power play
Eureka, Allison/Beverly, hellfire
Eureka, Jo/Zoe, pick-up lines
Eureka, Jo/Zoe, girly

Even Stevens, Ren/Tawny, forget
Even Stevens, Ren/Tawny, must

Facts of Life, Jo/Blair, motorcycle

The Faculty, Stokely/Marybeth, hentai
The Faculty, Stokely/Delilah, last chance
The Faculty, Stokely/Delilah, retreat
The Faculty, Stokely/Marybeth, whisper
The Faculty, Nurse Harper/Stokely, lucid
The Faculty, Marybeth/Stokely, not happening
The Faculty, Delilah/Stokely, lipstick
The Faculty, Marybeth/Delilah, wet

Fantastic Four, Alicia/Sue, girls’ night
Fantastic Four, Alicia/Sue, invisibility

Farscape, Aeryn/Chiana, colorful
Farscape, Chiana/Zhaan, flowering
Farscape, Chiana/Zhaan, controlled chaos
Farscape, Chiana/Jool, scream
farscape, aeryn/chiana, diversion
farscape, aeryn/chiana, overdrive
farscape, aeryn/chiana, quiet
farscape, chiana/jool, snap
farscape, chiana/sikozu, confontation
farscape, chiana/sikozu, heat
Farscape, Aeryn/Zhaan, strength
Farscape, Chiana/Jool, fight
Farscape, Sikozu/Chiana, ambivalence

Fidelio, Leonore/Marzelline, I know

Final Fantasy V, Faris/Lenna, memory

Fingersmith, Sue/Maud, inkstains

Footballer' Wives, Tanya/Hazel, cocaine
Footballers' Wivws, Tanya/Hazel, discretion

Friday Night Lights, Lyla/Tyra, shower
Friday Night Lights, Lyla/Tyra, teeth
Friday Night Lights, Lyla/Tyra, cafeteria
Friday Night Lights, Lyla/Tyra, game
Friday Night Lights, Lyla/Tyra, understanding
Friday Night Lights, Tyra/Lyla, short skirts

Fullmetal Alchemist, Hawkeye/Lust, information
Fullmetal Alchemist, Hawkeye/Lust, trigger
Fullmetal Alchemist, Hawkeye/Lust, nails
Fullmetal Alchemist, Dante/Izumi, eager to learn
Fullmetal Alchemist, Izumi/Lust, trade
Fullmetal Alchemist, Izumi/Lust, human
Fullmetal Alcehmist, Izumi/Sloth, mother
Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza/Gracia, home
Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza/Olivia, queen
Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza/Olivia, possibilities
Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza/Ran-fan, strength

Galaxy Quest, Gwen DiMarco/anyone, lost
Galaxy Quest, Tawny Madison/anyone, voices

Gilmore Girls, Lorelai/Sookie, sugar and spice
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris, scientific analysis
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Lane, groupie
Gilmore Girls, Paris/Rory, vocabulary
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris, library
Gilmore Girls, Rory/Paris, disapproval
gilmore girls, lucy/olivia, graduation
gilmore girls, lucy/olivia, paris

Ginger Snaps, Ginger/Brigitte, possessive
Ginger Snaps, Ginger/Brigitte, hungry
Ginger Snaps, Brigitte/Ginger, mercy
Ginger Snaps, Brigitte/Ghost, hunted
Ginger Snaps, Brigitte/Ghost, blood

Girltrash! - Colby/Misty, cheated and indignant

Gone With the Wind, Melli/Scarlett, protect
Gone With the Wind, Melli/Belle Watling, carriage

Good Omens, War/Pepper, nails

Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, ribbon
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, Central Park
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, field hockey
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, knee socks
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, dance
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, smear
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, balcony
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, stealing the spotlight
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, frost
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, rivalry
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, neck
Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, fake

Grease, Sandy/Rizzo, skirt

Greek, Casey/Ashleigh, rush week

Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota, engine
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota, dancing the night away
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota, Pegleg Pete
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota, Stuntman Mike's grave
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota, the naughty nurse striptease
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota/Zoe, RPFS
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota/Zoe, pull over
Grindhouse, Cherry/Dakota/Zoe, not while I'm driving

Hairspray, Penny/Tracy, bells
Hairspray, Penny/Tracy, shimmy
Hairspray, Amber/Tracy, competition
Hairspray, The Dynamites, recording

Hana Kimi, Mizuki/Julia, first kiss

harry potter, ginny/luna, forget
harry potter, luna/hermione, article
harry potter, hermione/ginny, family reunion
harry potter, ginny/luna, hat
Harry Potter, Tonks/Ginny, clumsy
Harry Potter, Tonks/Hermione, first
Harry Potter, Fleur/Tonks, pretty girls
Harry Potter, Tonks/Luna, different yet alike
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Hermione, payback
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/McGonagall, rude
Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, kiss
Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, work
Harry Potter - Alicia/Angelina/Katie, unwashed
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Andromeda/Narcissa, finger
Harry Potter, Tonk/Fleur, pillow
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Narcissa, impatient
Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter/Fleur Delacour, good news
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Narcissa, shameless
Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, bleed
Harry Potter, Hermione/Minerva, bath
Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, rain
Harry Potter, Luna/Ginny, warm
Harry Potter, McGonagall/Hooch, restless
Harry Potter, McGonagall/Hooch, tension
Harry Potter, Hermione/Luna, fight
Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter/Luna, artistic license
Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter/Luna, apprentice
Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter/Narcissa, opulence
Harry Potter, Rita Skeeter/McGonagall, mercy
Harry Potter, Hermione/Padma, justify
Harry Potter, Cho/Luna, flight
Harry Potter, Lily/OFC, last chance
HP, Hermione/Minerva, tea
HP, Luna/Minerva, water
HP, Luna/Ginny, flowers
HP, Luna/Minerva, silver

Harsh Realm, Inga/Sophie, wait
Harsh Realm, Inga/Sophie, strength

Heroes, Claire/Eden, dark
Heroes, Candice/Claire, change
Heroes, Claire/Jessica, fix
Heroes, Niki/Claire, older
Heroes, Claire/Niki, wound
Heroes, Jessica/Niki, look
Heroes, Jessica/Niki, us
Heroes, Candice/Jessica, deception
Heroes, Niki/Heidi, what if
Heroes, Niki/Heidi, rebellion
Heroes, Niki/Eden, our way
Heroes, Claire/OFC, college
Heroes, Claire/OFC, double identity
Heroes, Claire/OFC, superheroes in love
Heroes, Heidi/Janice, nobody's fool
Heroes, Candice/Jessica, brutal
Heroes, Simone/Jessica, rescue
Heroes, Claire/Simone, raining
Heroes, Candice/Eden, sides
Heroes, Audrey/FBI Agent (her boss, unnamed thus far), drinks
Heroes, Claire/Niki, heal
Heroes, Claire/Jessica, fight
Heroes, Niki/Jessica, twin
Heroes, Niki/Jessica, mirror
Heroes, Niki/Jessica, putting on your face
Heroes, Niki/Jessica/Claire, which you I love
Heroes, Niki/Jessica, single mom
Heroes, Jessica/Candice, illusion
Heroes, Jessica/Claire, a thing for cheerleaders
Heroes, Jessica/Maya, rescue
Heroes, Angela/Heidi, family ties
Heroes, Heidi/Simone, college
Heroes, Eden/Simone, night falling
Heroes, Heidi/Niki, single
Heroes, Claire/Niki, princess
Heroes, Eden/Niki, force
Heroes, Maya/Niki, darkness

Hex, Cassie/Jo, threaten
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Touch
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Want
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Giggles
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Release
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Ice
Hex, Cassie/Thelma, Ravenous
Hex, Thelma/Cassie, waiting
Hex, Thelma/Ella, normalcy
Hex, Roxanne/Cassie, secrets

High Art, Syd/Lucy, ambition
High Art, Syd/Lucy, colour
High Art, Syd/Lucy, photographic

Higher Ground, Juliette/Shelby, broken

High School Musical, Gabriella/Sharpay, college

The Hours, Clarissa/Sally, tablecloth

House, Cameron/Cuddy, annoyed
House, Cuddy/Cameron, politics
House, Cuddy/Cameron, please
House, Cuddy/Stacy, inside out
House, Cameron/Cuddy, incidental
House, Cameron/Cuddy, fight
House, Cuddy/Stacy, timebomb
House, Cameron/Cuddy, anger
House, Cameron/Cuddy, nails
House, Stacy/Cuddy, surgery
House, M.D, Cuddy/Cameron, office
House, Cameron/Cuddy, Respect
House, Cuddy/Cameron, decisions
House, Cuddy/Cameron, fatality
House, Cuddy/Cameron, crimson
House, Cuddy/Cameron, Hawaii
House, Cuddy/Cameron, death
House, Cuddy/Stacy, height
House, Stacy/Cameron, fuss
House, Stacy/Cuddy/Cameron, hallucinogenic
House, Cameron/Cuddy, rope
House, Cameron/Cuddy, feathers
House, Cuddy/Emma (from 'Foetal Position'), life

How I Met Your Mother, Lily/Robin, buddy system
How I Met Your Mother, Robin/Lily, Argentina

The Inside, Mel/Rebecca, office
The Inside, Rebecca/"Gem", eyes
The Inside, Karen/Rebecca, lost

Imagine Me & You - Luce/Rachel, crimson

The Importance of Being Earnest, Gwendolyn/Cecily, sister

Jake 2.0, Diane/Lou, after hours
Jake 2.0, Fran/Diane, labcoats
Jake 2.0, Lou/OFC, the past

Jane Austen, Emma Woodhouse/Jane Fairfax, impulse

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Chrissy/Sissy, dirty

Jeeves & Wooster, Madeline/Hilda, delicate
Jeeves & Wooster, Madeline/Honoria, silly thing
Jeeves & Wooster, Rosie/Laura Pyke, romantic leanings

Jericho, Heather/Emily, hungry

Joan of Arcadia, Joan/Grace, because she can
Joan of Arcadia, Helen/Lilly, crucifix
Joan of Arcadia, Joan/Judith, past
Joan of Arcadia, Joan/Grace, mistakes
Joan of Arcadia, Joan/Judith, alone
Joan of Arcadia, Joan/Grace, warmth

Jonathan Strange and Mrs Norrell, Lady Pole/Mrs Strange, beyond

John Tucker Must Die, Kate/Beth, better

Josie and the Pussycats, Josie/Valerie, fuzzy ears
Josie and the Pussycats, Josie/Valerie/Melody, reunited
Josie and the Pussycats, Josie/Val, trashing the hotel room.
Josie and the Pussycats, Josie/Val/Melody, it was all Melody's idea
Josie and the Pussycats, Josie/Melody, accordion
Josie and the Pussycats, Val/Melody, private jet

karen sisco, karen/marley, lime
karen sisco, karen/marley, sweat
karen sisco, karen/marley, storm
karen sisco, karen/marley, sink
karen sisco, karen/marley, work
Karen Sisco, Karen/Marley, tension
Karen Sisco, Karen/Marley, swamp

Kim Possible, Kim/Shego, modern art
Kim Possible, Kim/Shego, stolen moment
Kim Possible, Kim/Shego, college

Kill Bill, Oren/Beatrix, skill
Kill Bill, Oren/Gogo, services
Kill Bill, Oren/Elle, snakebite
Kill Bill, Go Go/O-ren, insatiate
Kill Bill, Beatrix/Vernita, sweet poison

Kushiel's Legacy, Phedre/Melissandre, leash
Kushiel's Legacy, Nicola/Phedre, ropes

Lagaan, Elizabeth/Guari, colors

Lord of the Rings, Arwen/Eowyn, earth
Lord of the Rings, Galadriel/Goldberry, blinding
Lord of the Rings, Galadriel/Eowyn, not enough
Lord of the Rings, Rosie/Pervinca, visitor
Lord of the Rings, Lobelia/Primula Brandybuck Baggins, vile
Lord of the Rings, Rosie/Marigold, like calls to like
Lord of the Rings, Elanor/Eowyn, free
Lord of the Rings, Marigold/Rosie, sunrise
Lord of the Rings, Periwinkle/Hawthorn, surprise
Lord of the Rings, Eowyn/OFC, whiteLord of the Rings, Marigold/Rosie, sunrise
Lord of the Rings, Periwinkle/Hawthorn, surprise
Lord of the Rings, Arwen/Eowyn, queenly
Lord of the Rings, Arwen/Galadriel, sunset
Lord of the Rings, Eowyn/OFC, white
Lord of the Rings, Éowyn/Lothíriel, cold
Lord of the Rings, Elanor/OFC, pale
Lord of the Rings, Estella/OFC, white
Lord of the Rings, Rose/Marigold, red
Lord of the Rings, Marigold/Pervinca, wicked
Lord of the Rings, Pervinca/Rose, bright
Lord of the Rings, Rose/Marigold/Pervinca, if at first
Lord of the Rings, Arwen/Éowyn, catch
Lord of the Rings, Estella/Diamond, expected
Lord of the Rings, Éowyn/Estella/Diamond, husbands
LOTR, Rosie Cotton / Marigold Gamgee, curls
LOTR, Rosie Cotton/ Pervinca Took, alternate universe
LOTR, Arwen / Elanor, ceremony
Lord of the Rings, Rose/Estella/Diamond, serious business

Los Bros Hernandez, Maggie/Hopey, not so simple
Los Bros Hernandez, Maricela/Riri, finding out
Los Bros Hernandez, Terry/Hopey, fun times

Lost, Juliet/Kate, loathing
Lost, Shannon/Claire, damsel
Lost, Kate/Claire, peacocks & jellyfish
Lost, Kate/Claire, crying

The L Word, Alice/Jenny, commitment
The L Word, Shane/Paige, desperate
The L Word, Jenny/Marina, lost
The L Word, Alice/Helena, drugs
The L Word, Jenny/Shane, razor
The L Word, Bette/Helena, power
The L Word, Bette/Helena, silence
The L Word, Bette/Jodi, comfort
The L Word, Helena/Alice, neurotic
The L Word, Alice/Dana, dreams
The L Word, Shane/Bette, surprise
The L Word, Helena/Dylan, unavoidable
L Word - Bette/Helena, play date
the l word, bette/helena, new york
the l word, bette/shane, beginning
the l word, alice/dana, endings
the l word, dana/lara, jealousy
the l word, jenny/bette, scars
the l word, bette/nadia, inappropriate
The L Word, Bette/Alice, bad habits
The L Word, Shane/Carmen, bubbly
the l word, bette/jodi, art
the l word, jodi/tina, fine lines
the l word, helena/catherine, kept
the l word, alice/helena, fear
The L Word, Bette/Nadia, teacher's pet
The L Word, Bette/Nadia, obsess
L word, Marina/Helena, handcuffs
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, beginnings
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, regret
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, movies
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, slick
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, solace
The L Word, Shane/Jenny, quiet
The L Word, Jenny/Marina, touch
The L Word, Jenny/Marina, caught
The L Word, Jenny/Marina, force

Madison, Carol Lemiuex/Tia Winslow

Maria-sama ga Miteru, Sei/Yumi, all grown up
Maria-sama ga Miteru, Sei/Mizuno, smile
Maria-sama ga Miteru, Sei/Shimako, always

Marvel universe (Spider-Man), Felicia/Mary-Jane, kitten with a whip
Marvel universe (Spider-Man), Felicia/Mary-Jane, personal photos
Marvel universe (Spider-Man), Felicia/Mary-Jane, "your photo shoot made me buy this lingerie."
Marvel universe (Fantastic Four), Sue/She-Hulk, forcefield
Marvel universe (Fantastic Four), Sue/She-Hulk, strap-on
Marvel universe (Fantastic Four), Sue/She-Hulk, sunbathing on a rooftop shaped like a 4
Marvel universe, Sue/Emma, martini
Marvel universe, Sue/Emma, wife-swapping
Marvel universe (Fantastic Four), Malice/Phoenix, dark side
Marvel, Ms. Marvel/Jessica Jones, that one time at bandcamp
Marvel, She Hulk/Mallory Book, apologizes
Marvel, Jessica Jones/Jessica Drew, mistakes
Marvel, Tigra/Scarlet Witch/Wasp/She Hulk, champagne
Marvel, Sue Storm/Namora, secrets
Marvel, White Tiger (the new female one)/Black Widow (Natasha), bondage
Marvel, Emma Frost/Ms. Marvel, candyass

Mean Girls, Janis/Regina, history
Mean Girls, Janis/Regina, predator

Mirrormask, White Queen/Dark Queen, mixed
Mirrormask, Helena/Anti-Helena, silly
Mirrormask, Helena/Anti-Helena, other side

Miss Congeniality 2, Gracie/Sam, trust
Miss Congeniality 2, Gracie/Sam, superheroes

Mona Lisa Smile, Giselle/Connie, shy
Mona Lisa Smile, Giselle/Katherine, right and wrong
Mona Lisa Smile, Nancy Abbey/Amanda Armstrong, decorum

Monster (anime/manga), Eva/Nina, complement
Monster (anime/manga), Eva/Nina, dominant
Monster (anime/manga), Nina/Lotte, dress-up
Monster (anime/manga), Nina/Lotte, idolatry
Monster (anime/manga), Eva/Nina, mistake

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gwen/Jane, furniture

Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, walkie-talkie
Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, salsa
Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, Program
Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, soap

Mutant X, Shalimar/Emma, blush
Mutant X, Emma/Shalimar, leap
Mutant X, Emma/Shalimar, fruit

My So-Called Life, Angela/Rayanne, all grown

My Summer Of Love, Tamsin/Mona, again
My Summer of Love, Tamsin/Mona, practice
My Summer of Love, Tamsin/Mona, water
My Summer of Love, Tamsin/Mona, years

Mythology, Ereshkigal/Ishtar, forgiveness
Mythology, Kali/Radha, rebirth

Much Ado About Nothing, Hero/Beatrice, mask

Nana, Hachiko/Nana, the heart grows fonder
Nana, Hachiko/Nana, elope
Nana, Hachiko/Nana, wedding dress
Nana, Hachiko/Nana, mommy issues
Nana, Nana/Misato, strawberry

Naruto, Sakura/Ino, restraint

ncis, ziva/kate, follow
ncis, ziva/jen, dust
ncis, kate/lt. faith, litigate
ncis, abby/kate, sweet
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, adrenaline
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, hotel
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, caught
NCIS, Paula Cassidy/Ziva, desperate
NCIS, Abby/Ziva, tequila
NCIS, Abby/Ziva, voyeur
NCIS, Abby/Kate, weekend
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, effortlessly
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, don't be desperate
NCIS, Jen/Ziva, still running
NCIS, Abby/Kate, commiserate
NCIS, Abby/Ziva, sunlight
NCIS, Abby/Ziva, all our flaws
NCIS, Abby/Ziva, tension
NCIS, Abby/Kate, clock
ncis, ziva david/kate todd, secrets kept
ncis, ziva david/abby sciuto, microscopes
ncis, jenny shepard/hollis mann, promotions
ncis, ziva david/faith coleman, the letter of the law
NCIS, Kate/Ziva, shadow
NCIS, Ziva/Jenny, sweet
NCIS, Ziva/Jenny, rock

Neverwhere, Hunter/Serpentine, bloodlust
Neverwhere, Hunter/Door, bargain
Neverwhere, Hunter/Serpentine, schism
Neverwhere, Hunter/Serpentine, conquer
Neverwhere, Door/Hunter, betrayal
Neverwhere, Hunter/Serpentine, passing strange

Night at the Museum, Rebecca/Sacajawea, melt
Night at the Museum, Rebecca/Sacajawea, research

Nip Tuck, Vanessa/Ariel, lipstick stain

Nobuta Wo Produce, Nobuta/Bando, struggle
Nobuta Wo Produce, Nobuta/Bando, slight
Nobuta Wo Produce, Nobuta/Bando, good girls
Nobuta Wo Produce, Nobuta/Aoi, redemption
Nobuta Wo Produce, Nobuta/Aoi, undeserved

Northanger Abbey, Catherine/Isabella, sweet little lies

Noir, Mirielle/Kirika, laughter's coming
Noir, Mirielle/Kirika, turn away
Noir, Mirielle/Kirika, from the bridge
Noir, Kirika/Chloe, "I don't want to know"
Noir, Mireille/Kirika, denouement
Noir, Mireille/Kirika, a league of her own
Noir, Mireille/Kirika, reminisce
Noir, Mireille/Chloe, replacement
Noir, Chloe/Altena, nurture
Noir, Chloe/Altena, knifeplay
Noir, Mireille/Kirika, sand
Noir, Mireille/Chloe, truth
Noir, Mireille/Altena, bend
Noir, Chloe/Altena, fleeting
Noir, Chloe/Kirika/Mireille, limbs
Noir, Mireille/Kirika, restraint
Noir, Mireille/Chloe, breaking
Noir, Altena/Chloe, devotion
Noir, Altena/Mireille, lost girl
Noir, Kirika/Mireille, Chinese Gunpowder tea & Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata
Noir, Kirika/Mireille, a field of hurricane lilies
Noir, Kirika/Mireille, the sound of waves
Noir, Kirika/Mireille, ruins

Northern Exposure, Maggie/Shelley, camp out
Northern Exposure, Maggie/Shelley, sleep over
Northern Exposure, Ruth-Anne/Elizabeth Percy, in town

Numb3rs, Amita/Liz, dreams
Numb3rs, Amita/Megan, raw
Numb3rs, Amita/Nadine, deceive
Numb3rs, Amita/Susan, exes
Numb3rs, Kim/Terry, control
Numb3rs, Liz/Nadine/Robin, over
Numb3rs, Megan/Terry, profile

The O.C. - Summer/Anna, denial
The O.C., Hailey/trophy girlfriend, shouldn't
The O.C., Hailey/trophy girlfriend, lucky

The Office, Pam/Karen, paper
The Office, Jan/Pam, tired
The Office, Karen/Jan, professional
The Office, Pam/Karen, cake
The Office, Pam/Karen, cry
The Office - Pam/Karen, buttons
the office, karen/angela, whore
the office, pam/karen, watercooler
the office, jan/karen, promotions
The Office Pam/Karen, nightcap
The Office Pam/Karen, startle
The Office Pam/Karen, revenge
The Office Pam/Angela, wrong
The Office Pam/Kelly, sparkle

One Piece, Nami/Vivi, treasure
One Piece, Nami/Vivi, waves

One Tree Hill, Brooke/Peyton, broken
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Peyton, triangle
One Tree Hill,Brooke/Peyton,time
One Tree Hill,Brooke/Peyton,fascinating
One Tree Hill,Brooke/Peyton,quixotic
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Rachel,before
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Rachel, regret
One Tree Hill, Brooke/Peyton, 5 years later
One Tree Hill, Rachel/Brooke, bitch
One Tree Hill, Rachel/Brooke, missing
One Tree Hill, Rachel/Brooke/Peyton, share

OZ, Howell/Bellinger, manipulate
OZ, Howell/Bellinger, desperation
OZ, Howell/Dr. Nathan, jolie/laide
OZ, Dr. Nathan/Sister Pete, asylum

Painkiller Jane, Jane/Wanda, willing
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Wanda, hostage situation
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Wanda, forever
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Wanda, informant
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Amanda, cup of sugar
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Amanda, big sister
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Amanda, key
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Amanda, my real life
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Maureen, stake-out
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Maureen, partners
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Maureen, neuro
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Maureen, pain
Painkiller Jane, Jane/Maureen, subway

Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Anamaria, naked
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, moonlight
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Calypso, unfaithful
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Anamaria, loyal subject
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Anamaria, adventure
Pirates of the Caribbean, Anamaria/Elizabeth Swann, cutlass
Pirates of the Caribbean, Anamaria/Tia Dalma, wind
Pirates of the Caribbean, Tia Dalma/Elizabeth Swann, purposeful
Pirates of the Caribbean, Lian/Park, swift
Pirates of the Caribbean, Lian/Park, water
Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Tia Dalma, god

Pleasantville, Jennifer (Mary Sue)/Betty, real (post-high school)

Popular, Brooke/Sam, hate
Popular - Brooke/Sam, embarassed
Popular, Sam/Brooke, help
Popular, Sam/Brooke, fire
Popular, Sam/Brooke, wet
Popular, Sam/Brooke, growl
Popular, Brooke/Sam, simmer
Popular, Brooke/Sam, fact
Popular, Brooke/Sam, purpose

Primeval, Claudia/Helen, tension

The Princess Diaries, Mia/Lilly, paparazzi

Promethea, Promethea/Stacia, the other side
Promethea, Stacia/Sophie, surprise
Promethea, Stacia/Grace, best ever
Promethea, Lucille/Stacia/Grace, we should tell her
Promethea, Lucille/Stacia, just us
Promethea, Roger/Grace, fuckup

Psych, Vick/O'Hara, desk
Psych, Vick/O'Hara, sleep deprived

The Ranch (tv/movie), Beth Ann/Kim, ask

Read or Die, Nancy/Yomiko, Opposites

Rent, April/Maureen, violence
Rent, April/Maureen, translucent
Rent, April/Maureen, posing
Rent, April/Mimi, wings
Rent, Maureen/Joanne, compromise
Rent, Maureen/Mimi, that sin in your smile
Rent, Mimi/Joanne, opposites

Resident Evil, Alice/Claire, cigarettes
Resident Evil, Alice/Rain, infected
Resident Evil, Claire/K-Mart, family
Resident Evil, Alice/K-Mart, intrigued
Resident Evil series, Alice/Jill, zombies
Resident Evil series, Alice/Claire, heat
Resident Evil, Alice/Jill, hard
Resident Evil series, Claire/K-Mart, smokes
Resident Evil, Alice/Jill, savages
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Claire, backseat
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Claire, sunroof
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Claire, fast cars
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Alice, me without your scars
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Alices, mutual masturbation
Resident Evil (movie), Claire/Alice/Alices, co-ed shower
Resident Evil (movie), Alice/Claire, Alaska

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Magenta/Columbia, whisper

Rome, Octavia/Livia, sister
Rome, Octavia/Servilia, lips
Rome, Octavia/Servilia, toys
Rome, Octavia/Jocasta, opium

Roswell, Liz/Tess, disjuncture
Roswell, Liz/Tess, compliant
Roswell, Liz/Tess, clavicle
Roswell, Liz/Tess, cleaving

Runaways, Karolina/Nico, magic
Runaways, Karolina/Julie Power, rainbow
Runaways, Karolina/Nico, cherries
Runaways, Karolina/Nico, sunlight
Runaways, Karolina/Xavin, disguise

Sandman, Death/Joanna Constantine, time

Saved!, Mary/Hilary Faye, rationalize

Saw, Amanda/Lynn, doctor
Saw, Amanda/Lynn, snow
Saw, Amanda/Lynn, floor

Scrubs, Elliot/Carla, awkward
Scrubs, Elliot/Dr. Miller, feminism
Scrubs, Elliot/Jordan, spank
Scrubs, Elliot/Jordan, stammer
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, neurosis
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, realize
Scrubs, Elliot/Carla, hula dancer lamp
Scrubs, Elliot/Carla, burritos
Scrubs, Elliot/Jordan, temperature
Scrubs, Elliot/Dr. Miller, adulation
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, couch
Scrubs, Elliot/Carla, silence
Scrubs, Jordan/Molly/Elliot, sense
Scrubs,Elliot/Jordan, last
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, the difference between frick and frak
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, daydream
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, the Janitor
Scrubs, Carla/Jordan, hitch
Scrubs, Carla/Elliot, ball
Scrubs, Elliot/Jordan, cheat
Scrubs, Elliot/Molly, white
Scrubs, Carla/Molly, great
Scrubs, Elliot/Jordan, lick

Serial Experiments Lain, Alice/Lain, do-over
Serial Experiments Lain, Alice/Lain, homecoming
Serial Experiments Lain, Alice/Lain, experiment

Shakespeare (Twelfth Night), Olivia/Viola, secrets

Shark, Madeline/Raina, dusk
Shark, Raina Troy/Madeline Poe, briefs
Shark, Raina Troy/Madeline Poe, mojitos
Shark, Madeline Poe/Jessica Devlin, against the clock
Shark, Madeline Poe/Jessica Devlin, blondes
Shark, Raina Troy/Jessica Devlin, determined
Shark, Raina Troy/Jessica Devlin, underdog
Shark, Raina Troy/Jessica Devlin, empathetic
Shark, Madeline/Raina, curry

She-Creature, Lillie/Mermaid, transformations
She-Creature, Lillie/Mermaid, moon

She’s The Man, Olivia/Viola, genderfuck

Shrek, Snow White/Sleeping Beauty, wake-up call
Shrek, Snow White/Fiona, waiting to be rescued

Silent Hill, Rose/Cybil, ash

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Tibby/Bridget, unexpected
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Bridget/Lena, first

Six Feet Under, Claire/Parker, truth or dare
Six Feet Under,Claire/Edie, Reunion

Skins, Michelle/Effy, recovery

Skip Beat! Kyoko/Moko, acting
Skip Beat! Kyoko/Moko, late nights

Slings and Arrows, Ellen/Barbara, dominate
Slings and Arrows, Ellen/Barbara, age

Smallville, Chloe/Lana, press
Smallville, Chloe/Lana, paper
Smallville, Lois/Lana, spank
Smallville, Lois/Lana, sheets
Smallville, Lana/Lois, competition
Smallville, Chloe/Kara (what? by the time the Porn Battle starts she'll be a character), flying
Smallville, Chloe/Kara, phone booth
Smallville, Chloe/Lois, "it's not like we're related."
Smallville, Kara Zor-El/Chloe Sullivan, watchtower
Smallville, Kara Zor-El/Chloe Sullivan, Daily Planet
Smallville, Kara Zor-El/Chloe Sullivan, the loft
Smallville, Lois/Kara, Kryptonite

Snow Queen, Gerda/Snow Queen

sopranos, carmela soprano/jennifer melfi, cognitive behavioral therapy

The Sound of Music, Maria/Baroness, cloak

South of Nowhere, Ashley/Paula, mom
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, pain
South of Nowhere, Madison/Spencer, sober
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, drive
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, bathtub
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, tease
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, grovel
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, sanctum
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, idle days
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Madison, dance
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Carmen, gang signs
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, tattoo
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Ashley, bliss
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Spencer, jacket
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Spencer, club
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Paula, secret
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Madison, lockers
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Madison, rivalry
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Madison, dirty little secret
South of Nowhere - Spencer/Ashley, noir
South of Nowhere - Ashley/Madison, on tour
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Other, future
South of Nowhere, Spencer/Other, move
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Madison, before
South of Nowhere, Ashley/Spencer, after

Spooks, Juliet/Ruth, desperate
Spooks, Juliet/Fiona, open
Spooks, Fiona/Zoe, light
Spooks, Christine/Juliet, foreign
Spooks, Ruth/Zoe, endings

Sports Night, Natalie/Dana, energetic
Sports Night, Dana/Sally, resentment
Sports Night, Kim/Dana, stress relief
Sports Night, Kim/Natalie, suitable lover
Sports Night, Natalie/Dana, best kept secret
Sports Night, Natalie/Rebecca, connection
Sports Night, Natalie/Rebecca, apology

Star Wars (EU), Leia/Mara, red
Star Wars, Leia/Mara, lose

Storm Hawks, Piper/Cyclonis, deceit
Storm Hawks, Piper/Starling, hero worship
Storm Hawks, Piper/Cyclonis, aggression
Storm Hawks, Starling/Cyclonis, undercover

Stranger Than Fiction, Penny Escher/Karen Eiffel, write

Strangers in Paradise, Katchoo/Francine, first times
Strangers in Paradise, Casey/Tambi, fluffy
Strangers in Paradise, Casey/Katchoo, incomplete
Strangers in Paradise, Katchoo/Emma, happiness
Strangers in Paradise, Katchoo/Darcy, feral
Strangers in Paradise, Katchoo/Veronica, never

Studio 60, Harriet/Jordan, pie
Studio 60, Harriet/Jordan, feedback
Studio 60, Harriet/Jordan, heaven on earth
Studio 60, Harriet/Suzanne, boundaries
Studio 60, Suzanne/Lucy, overlooked

Suburban Shootout, Pam/Hilary, lipstick
Suburban Shootout, Camilla/Barbara, dominance
Suburban Shootout, Joyce/Lillian, oblivious

Supernatural, Jo Harvelle/Jess, crying
Supernatural, Jo Harvelle/Jessica Moore, possibilities

Tender is the Night, Nicole/Mary North, watching instead
Tender is the Night, Baby/Rosemary, star
Tender is the Night, Mary/Lady Caroline, wicked

The Thief et al (by Megan Whalen Turner), Eddis/Attolia, authority

Third Watch, Faith/f, divorce
Third Watch, Cruz/Faith, prison
Third Watch, Faith/Alex, explosion
Third Watch, Alex/Kim, stethoscope

Tipping the Velvet, Nan/Kitty Butler, tie
Tipping the Velvet, Nan/Kitty Butler, roses

Tortall, Alanna/OFC, different
Tortall, Alanna/Thayet, royalty
Tortall, Buri/Thayet, warmth
Tortall, Josiane/Delia, growl
Tortall, Buri/Onua, comfortable
Tortall, Alanna/Bazhir tribeswoman, customs
Tortall, Alanna/Bazhir tribeswoman, lesson
Tortall, Alanna/Kel, "There are so many things I can teach you."
Tortall, Dane/Ouna, flesh

Trinity Blood, Caterina/Kate, meditation
Trinity Blood, Caterina/Esther, dedication

Tru Calling, Tru/Officer Kate Wilson (Carly Pope), chance

Twelfth Night or What You Will, Olivia/Viola, fortune
Twelfth Night, Viola/Olivia, uncovered

uglies, shay/tally, scars
uglies, shay/dr. cable, bargains
uglies, dr. cable/maddy, mentor
uglies, shay/tally, blood
uglies, dr. cable/shay, lessons
uglies, dr. cable/tally, growing up

Ugly Betty, Betty/Christina, bubbly
Ugly Betty, Betty/Sofia, trust
Ugly Betty, Alexis/Amanda, mercenary
Ugly Betty, Alexis/Wilhelmina, support
Ugly Betty, Hilda/Gina, stockings
Ugly Betty - Alexis/Amanda, fierce
Ugly Betty, Betty/Amanda, scratch
Ugly Betty, Betty/Amanda, phone voice

Undone, Edna/Kate, imaginative

Van Helsing, Anna/Aleera, maid
Van Helsing, Anna/The Brides, paradox

Veronica Mars, Veronica/Jackie, camaraderie
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Jackie, power play
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Jackie, grad school
veronica mars, veronica/mac, forest for the trees
veronica mars, veronica/mac, straight up
veronica mars, veronica/mac, bad scifi tv
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Lilly, vodka
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, unexpected
Veronica Mars, Mac/Parker, chocolate
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Lily, scared
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, grace
Veronica Mars Veronica/Mac, loss
Veronica Mars, Mac/Parker, oops
Veronica Mars, Mac/Veronica, truth
Veronica Mars, Mac/Veronica, Firsts
Veronica Mars, Mac/Veronica, Boggle
Veronica Mars, Mac/Veronica, Vampires
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, chocolate
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, school stories
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, Switzerland
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, home
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, apocalypse
Veronica Mars, Mac/Veronica, Worry
Veronica Mars, Jackie/Veronica, guilty
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Parker, chaos
Veronica Mars, Parker/Mac, still
Veronica Mars, Lily/Meg, blonde
Veronica Mars, Lilly/Veronica, puppy love
Veronica Mars, Lilly/Veronica, closer
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Meg, the other woman
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Meg, midnight meeting

The Village, Kitty/Ivy, vision

Weeds, Nancy/Celia, nothing to lose
Weeds, Nancy/Celia, entertainment
Weeds, Nancy/Quinn, the cool mom
Weeds, Nancy/Celia, forgiveness
weeds, celia/tara, jesus
weeds, celia/nancy, apology
weeds, nancy/tara, natural
weeds, tara/quinn, back

The West Wing, Abbey/CJ, scandal
West Wing, CJ/Amy, dare
West Wing, Donna/Amy, modern girl
West Wing, CJ/Kate, Lockdown
The West Wing, Amy/Donna, New York
The West Wing, Amy/Donna, cold
The West Wing, CJ/Amy, hazing
The West Wing, CJ/Donna, once
The West Wing, CJ/Kate, wedding
West Wing, Gina/Ellie, forgiveness
West Wing, Gina/CJ, London
The West Wing, Lou/Ronna, bitter
The West Wing, Donna/Amy,replacement
The West Wing, CJ/Ainsley, peace
The West Wing, Donna/CJ, suits
The West Wing, Donna/Ainsley, unwritten
The West Wing, CJ/Ann Stark, vitriol
The West Wing, Ainsley Hayes/Andy Wyatt, smith
The West Wing, CJ/Kate Harper, secrets
The West Wing, Lou Thornton/Annabeth Schott, perky
The West Wing, Amy/Lou, acerbic
The West Wing, Amy/CJ, nerves
The West Wing, Amy/CJ, regret
The West Wing, Amy/Donna, incomprehensible
The West Wing, Amy/Donna, jealousy
The West Wing, Amy/Donna, secret
the west wing, abbey/amy, trust
the west wing, cj/abbey, hands
the west wing, cj/carol, dependence
the west wing, cj/donna, familiarity
the west wing, cj/kate, secret
the west wing, helen santos/donna, inauguration
the west wing, helen santos/lou, insomnia
the west wing, helen santos/lou, pressure
The West Wing, CJ Cregg/Ellie Bartlet, silk
The West Wing, Elizabeth Bartlet/Amy Gardner, progress
The West Wing, Elsie Snuffin/Rina, invisible

Wicked, Elphaba/G(a)linda, popular
Wicked, Elphaba/G(a)linda, quill
Wicked, Elphaba/G(a)linda, snow
Wicked, G(a)linda/Elphaba, white
Wicked, Elphaba/Glinda, that old black magic
Wicked, Elphaba/Glinda, broomstick
Wicked, Elphaba/Glinda, "I don't like it when the winged monkey watches."
Wicked, Elphaba/Glinda, sparkles in your hair

Witches of Eileanan, Iseult/Isabeau, complements
Witches of Eileanan, Isabeau/Maya, wary

Without a Trace, Sam/Elena, toys

Wolf's Rain, Blue/Cher, shape changer

Wonderfalls, Jaye/Sharon, intrigue
Wonderfalls, Karen/Jaye, favorite child
Wonderfalls, Jaye/Bianca, insecure
Wonderfalls, Mahandra/Gretchen Speck, revenge
Wonderfalls, Jaye/Sharon, trailer
Wonderfalls, Mahandra/Jaye, finally
Wonderfalls, Mahandra/Jaye, voices
Wonderfalls, Jaye/Mahandra, change

X, evil!Hinoto/good!Hinoto, mindscape
X, Hinoto/Kanoe, disease
X, Saya/Toru, loyalty

Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle, cave
Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle, fabric
Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Callisto, chakram
Xena: Warrior Princess - Xena/Callisto, chased
Xena, Gabrielle/Aphrodite, urn
xena: warrior princess, gabrielle/aphrodite, blonde
xena: warrior princess, gabrielle/ephiny, custom
xena: warrior princess, xena/callisto, fury
xena: warrior princess, xena/callisto, intoxication
xena: warrior princess, xena/gabrielle, hiccups
xena: warrior princess, xena/gabrielle, winter
xena: warrior princess, xena/gabrielle, writer's block

X-Files, Scully/Reyes, supernatural
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, tequila
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, paranoia
The X-Files, Scully/Esther "Invisigoth" Nairn ("Kill Switch"), tongue
the X-files, Scully/Fowley, exhaustion
the X-files, Scully/Fowley, necessary evil
the X-files, Scully/Marita, undercover
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, shackles
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, pencils
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, motel room
The X-Files, Scully/Marita, extortion
X-Files, Scully/Monica, faith
X-Files, Scully/Monica, hope
X-Files, Scully/Monica, waiting
The X-Files, Scully/Fowley, double
The X-Files, Scully/Reyes, cell phone
The X-Files, Scully/Samantha Mulder, con
The X-Files, Scully/Samantha Mulder, brothers
The X-Files, Scully/f, Allentown

X-Men, Rogue/Kitty, electronics
X-Men (comicverse), Storm/Dark!Phoenix, combust
X-Men (comicverse), Psylocke/Phoenix/White Queen, simultaneous
X-Men - Rogue/Kitty, study group
X-Men - Rogue/Jean, driving
X-Men, Jean/Emma, queen of diamonds
X-Men, Jean/Emma, the Phoenix never bottoms
X-Men, Jean/Emma/Kitty, danger room
X-Men, Emma/Kitty, choke
X-Men, Jean/Phoenix, not repressed
X-Men, Jean/Phoenix, adamantium and ruby quartz
X-Men, Emma/Kitty, odium
X-Men, Emma/Kitty, Kitty and the extremely confused sexual identity
X-Men, Jean/Emma/Psylocke, what telepaths do on a long cross-country flight in the Blackbird
X-Men, Emma/Kitty, what not to listen to on a car trip
X Men Evolution, Tabitha/Amara, Close
X Men Evolution, Tabitha/Amara, loosen
X-Men, Ororo/any, rain

The Young Riders, Lou/Emma, comfort

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