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{July 18th 2009 – Part One}

{Battlestar Galactica}
- Earn It by butchon - Kara/Cain.

{Birds of Prey}
- Watching and Waiting by merfilly - Oracle/Huntress.

{Criminal Minds}
- Not Protocol by nike_ravus - Alex/Emily (Law and Order: SVU crossover).

- Part 9 of Our Lust Game by whokilledkamini - Emily/JJ, Emily/Jean.

- Another Round for My Friend by dhamphir - Calleigh Duquesne/Grace Hanadarko (Saving Grace crossover).
- Catharsis by dhamphir - Dana Scully/Calleigh Duquesne (X-Files crossover).
- Human Kindness by celievamp - Sara/Mia.

{DC Comics}
- Shadows and Darkness by merfilly - Dinah/Selina.
- Captive Love by merfilly - Harley/Ivy.

{The Devil Wears Prada}
- Parts 1-3 of Figures... by major_roon - Andy/Emily.

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Dying on the Vine by hot_4_hahn - Erica/Sydney.
- If Wishes Were Horses... by major_roon - Callie/Oc, Callie/Erica.

{Guiding Light}
- Pride by purplepapillon - Blake/Doris.
- No More Euphemisms by wicked_joy - Olivia/Natalia.
- Nighttime Recollections by rachel452 - Olivia/Natalia.
- Fireworks (A Blis Choose Your Own Adventure!) by ladyvictory - Blake/Doris.
- Something, Not This by suzotchka67 - Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/Doris.

- Part 23 of The Easy Life by doubleyoo2 - Olivia/Natalia.
- Parts 11-12 of Have You Heard of Galileo? by senpai20 - Olivia/Natalia.
- Part 14 of I Don't Do Girls by gagawgirl - Olivia/Natalia.

- Olivia/Natalia icons by grumpybear1031.
- Olivia/Natalia wallpaper by shaych_03.

- First Time by ragazzaazzurra - Olivia/Natalia.

{Harry Potter}
- A Lean and Hungry Look by kerijane - Hermione/Pansy.

- Summertime Girls by erimthar - Elle/Claire.

- Part 5 of The Ties that Bind Us by tashamiller2k - Elle/Claire.

- Salt by egalitarianmuse - Amber/Casey (Law and Order: SVU crossover).

- You Grew On Me (Like a Tumour) by pluginbaby57 - Carly/Sam.

- Eliana (1) by sam_arkand - Willow/Marcie.

- Body & Soul by babydykecate - Buffy/Faith.
- I Will Always Find You by babydykecate - Willow/Tara.

- The Kinda Gay Awards have been announced.

-Eliza Dushku wallpaper by spiletta.

{Law and Order: SVU}
- Salt by egalitarianmuse - Amber/Casey (House crossover).
- Missed Opportunities by rachel452 - Alex/Olivia.
- Not Protocol by nike_ravus - Alex/Emily (Criminal Minds crossover).

- Part 5/5 of Greasemonkey by lonejaguar - Alex/Olivia.
- Part 9 of NY Express by tigeroo - Olivia/OFC.

- The Hour when the Ship Comes In by kassandra_luem - Juliet/Kate.

- Merlin femslash kinkmeme at gwenmorganabbc.

{The Office}
- OfficeGirlslash comment ficathon at officegirlslash.

- Back for good by tashamiller2k - Sam/Brooke.

- Truth Hits Everybody by ripptyd - Crystal Chappell/Jessica Leccia.

- The Small Hours by cleo2584 - Helen/Ashley.
- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by fembuck - Ashley/Helen.

- sanctuary_ff - Sanctuary femslash community.

{Sarah Connor Chronicles }
- Part 3/3 of Another Day in Paradise by 2headed_turtles - Sarah/Cameron.

{Saving Grace}
- Another Round for My Friend by dhamphir - Calleigh/Grace (CSI crossover).

- One Percent by queenbellevue - Naomi/Emily.

- Part 9 of Therapy by butsewka - Naomi/Emily.

{South of Nowhere}
- Thirteen's Just a Number by maria1229 - Spencer/Ashley.

- Solitudes by dhamphir - Sam/Janet.

- A Year and a Day by celievamp - Johnson/Alice Carter.

- Part 1 of Going Home by k_icker - Alice/Bella.

- Part 1 of Adventures in the Bad Green Apple: Blood for a Bauble by jemandhyel - Elphaba/Glinda.

{Women's Murder Club}
- It's Funny Because It's Not Me by sportysmurf - Lindsay/Cindy.

- Have a Nice Day! by demeter94 - Lindsay/Cindy.

- Always by dhamphir - Scully/Reyes.
- Catharsis by dhamphir - Dana Scully/Calleigh Duquesne (CSI crossover).

- Last day of the femslash kink meme over at Dreamwidth.

- Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of Femslash Island by darandkerry - various.

- Guiding Light and Facts of Life wallpapers by geeky_spaz.
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