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24 December 2013

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{Femslash Today 24 December 2013}

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Untitled by 1shinyboat - Callie/Arizona
- We Three Things by a_windsor - Callie/Arizona
- To Believe by kayesoob - Callie/Arizona
- Gloria in Excelsis by handsthatheal2 - Callie/Arizona
- Let Me Back In by [Bad username: dadalikestostada] - Callie/Arizona
- A Calzona Carol by zenparadox - Callie/Arizona
- A Christmas Without Mark by megzohio - Callie/Arizona
- Clazona Forever by megzohio - Callie/Arizona

{Harry Potter}
- My True Love Gave to Me by Anonymous - Poppy Pomfrey/Amelia Bones
- Femslash Fic Rec Master List updated
- Femslash Art Rec Master List updated

- The Chosen Two - Season One by faviconpotatoalchemist - Buffy/Faith

- I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas gunbunnycentral - Nikita/Amanda off lj link

{Once Upon A Time}
- I Don't Want A Lot For Christmas shatterpath - Emma/Regina off lj link

- The Tale of the Christmas Incursion by faviconGeonn - OFC/OFC
- "…and a Spectre in an Oak Tree" by geonncanon - OFC/OFC - off lj link

{Teen Wolf}
- Wolves by faviconziyazu - Lydia/Erica

Tags: grey's anatomy, harry potter, jossverse: buffy (series), nikita, once upon a time, original fiction, teen wolf
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