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13-19 January 2014

13-19 January 2014

{Babylon 5}
Sweet Like Cinnamon by kimaracretak - Talia/Susan
First Memories by Muccamukk - Talia/Susan
The Last Battlement by SpaceCat - Talia/Susan
Whom God Sends by SpaceCat - Talia/Susan
Already Yours by SpaceCat - Talia/Susan
I, Telepath by SpaceCat - Talia/Susan
Stars and Dreams by SpaceCat - Talia/Susan
Ongoing Kink Meme at b5meme

{Battlestar Galactica}
There Is a Dress Code, Captain by lucywritesfic - Kara/Kendra
Trust Me by swan_secrets - Cain/Gina
Soft as Butter by lucywritesfic - Kara/Laura

{Buffy the Vampire Slayer}
Worry by Merfilly - Tara/Willow
Loved and Never Really Lost by igrockspock - Tara/Willow
Part 3 of faces in the mirror by kwritten - Dawn/Allison Argent, Buffy/Tara
Chapter 21 of Something to Talk About by leonhart_17 - Faith/Willowdone

{The Closer}
Keeping Each Other by WilliamTheB - Faith/Willow
Chapter 20 of Since You Went Away by ubiquitousmixie - Brenda/Sharon

{The Devil Wears Prada}
Leather Pants Do Not a Badass Make by menzosarres - Andy/Miranda
Miranda’s Inspiration by redheadgrrl1960 - Andy/Miranda
Part 2 of There’s Freedom in Deception by stacks_of_books - Andy/Miranda
Chapter 16, Part A & Part B of Life is a Struggle by heartsassassin - Andy/Miranda
PROMPT FEST at dvlwears_prada
Dragon Dates: July 2014 (aka July Fic-A-Day)

{The Facts of Life}
FanArt: a different sketch by 7th_key - Jo/Blair

{The Fosters}
The Fosters Comment Ficathon at thefosters

Daylight by wwwJessica Knight - Elisa Maza/Dominique Destine

Chapter 14, Chapter 15 & Epilogue of Catalyst by neveraworsename - Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray

{Grey’s Anatomy}
Jingle Bell Rock by nerdfightergirl - Callie/Arizona
Chapter 6 of The Force of Destiny by gmi_05 - Callie/Arizona
Part 2 of Haunted by neolithicdream - Callie/Arizona
Waiting Game by withoutyoursmil - Callie/Arizona

{Harry Potter}
How It’s Done by alisanne - Luna Lovegood/Hermione Granger

{Legend of the Seeker}
Anything for You by burning_arrow - Cara/Kahlan

{Major Crimes}
Invidia by surena_13 - Brenda/Sharon

{Marvel Universe}
Careful Treads the Heart by katleept - Jubilee/Roxie

Taking Care by harlequin (julie) - Annis/Guinevere

{Once Upon a Time}
Bear It Out Even to the Edge by thrace - Aurora/Mulan
Chapters 1-3 of All I Wanna Do by xxraug-mossxx - Emma/Regina
Evil Queen by 71prowler - Emma/Regina

I Got A Notion, I’ll Second The Motion by lonely_candle - Jenny/Sarah

{Rizzoli & Isles}
Chapter 25 of Play The Game by e_dog - Jane/Maura
Chapter 6 of Like You by chsngairplanes - Jane/Maura

Take me home by greekphoenix - Ashlyn Harris/Ali Krieger
may never sleep tonight, you're still burning bright by halfatruth - Ashlyn Harris/Ali Krieger
(Not Your Average) Date Night by exmanhater - Danneel/Genevieve
Chapter 1 of It’s a gamble and you should take it by alibyes - Kelley O’Hara/Hope Solo
Chapter 2 of come away to the water by alittlebitunlikely - Kelley O'Hara/Hope Solo, Hope Solo/Abby Wambach

{Sailor Moon}
Drabble Cycle: Astrology by killing_kurare - Various Pairings

{Scott & Bailey}
Carpe Diem by wwwFilbertfox - Rachel/Gill

{Star Trek}
An Unexpected Turn by wwwSkye - B’Elanna/Seven (Voyager)

{Teen Wolf}
More Than Once by LydiaArgent - Allison/Lydia
Confiding by Scripps - Allison/Lydia
Arithmetic by meledea - Lydia/Laura
Lead by charleybradburies - Lydia/Erica
Siren’s Call by Onlymystory - Lydia/Erica
talk like an open book by magneticwave - Allison/Laura
and i’ll be your gold by HybridComplex - Girl!Derek/Girl!Stiles
Kiss Me Hard Before You Go by Mnemmy - Kate/Laura

Claiming remains open through January 23rd at dysfuncentine.
ouat_ff_xchange is holding a femslash exchange to celebrate the return of Once Upon a Time in March. Rules & sign-ups are available.
Challenge #396 ~ unbreakable at femslash100
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