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{28-30 may 2014}

{Agents of SHIELD}
- Worth It by astris_eldalie - Jemma/Skye.

- When It's Just You & Me by the_kellephant - Felicity/Sara. **off-LJ link**

{Battlestar Galactica}
- Not Without You by newnumbertwo - Kara/Laura.

{Criminal Minds}
- Simple by temari778 - Emily/JJ.

- You Make Me Burn a Little Brigther by the_kellephant - Cassandra/Stephanie. **off-LJ link**

{The Devil Wears Prada}
- Back to December by evilangels26 - Andy/Miranda.
- Part 2: Finding the Spark of "The Painter" by devildreams69 - Andy/Miranda.
- Chapter Fifteen of "Things You Just Can't Do" by brithna - Andy/Miranda.

- Wishing On a Snowflake by salmon_pink - Elsa/Periwinkle.
- Confined/Consoled by salmon_pink - Jasmine/Mulan.

{Faking It}
- Whatever She Wants by the_kellephant - Amy/Karma. **off-LJ link**

{Final Fantasy}
- Consequences by larathia - Celes/Terra.

{Game of Thrones}
- What Sansa Found by xjadedgrlx - Margaery/Sansa.

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Chapter Four of "Long Way Around" by zenparadox - Arizona/Callie.
- Chapter 11 of "In Between" by shinara66 - Arizona/Callie.
- Drowing by Robbins Torres (G-mail sign-in) - Arizona/Callie.

{Harry Potter}
- Initiated by hikarievandar - Bellatrix/Narcissa.
- Flattened Your Words Against Your Speaking Mouth by winter156 - Hermione/Minerva.
- Formatively by salmon_pink - Narcissa/Pansy.

{The Hunger Games}
- I want this by individual_68 - Johanna/Katniss.

- Mission (What Matters No Matter What) by snogged - Nikki/OFC. (BtVS)
- The Heel of One Who Is Not Achilles by velvetwhip - Tara/Willow. (BtVS)
- Birthday Wish by dragonyphoenix - Tara/Willow. (BtVS)

{Legend of the Seeker}
- Parts 15-20 of "Memories Guarded in Blue Paradise" by greatshow - Cara/Kahlan.

- Petaliferous by salmon_pink - Aurora/Maleficent.

- Languishing Lately by salmon_pink - America/Kate.

- Cheating by hikarievandar - Darcy/Pepper.
- Bruised (Never Broken) by veleda_k - Maria/Natasha. **off-LJ link**
- Dangerous by hikarievandar - Natasha/Pepper.
- Dancer by hikarievandar - Natasha/Pepper.
- Verisimilitude by salmon_pink - Natasha/Sharon.
- Contestable by salmon_pink - Natasha/Sif.
- drink and be merry by fresh_brainss - Natasha/Sif. **off-LJ link**

{Once Upon a Time}
- Infallible Wolf-Senses by pickledminx - Belle/Ruby.
- She Is Human Too by demoka - Emma/Mary Margaret.
- going public by fresh_brainss - Emma/Regina. **off-LJ link**
- Playing Dress-Up by salmon_pink - Emma/Regina.
- let me love all of you by fresh_brainss - Emma/Regina. **off-LJ link**
- baby (you're making me crazy) by fresh_brainss - Emma/Regina. **off-LJ link**
- The Heart of the Matter by ariestess - Emma/Regina.
- fall into my (un)forgiving arms by fresh_brainss - Emma/Regina. **off-LJ link**
- hold her tight by fresh_brainss - Emma/Regina/Ruby. **off-LJ link**
- and you will keep me close by fresh_brainss - Red/Snow. **off-LJ link**
- Guardian by demoka - Red/Snow.
- chances are by fresh_brainss - Regina/Ruby. **off-LJ link**
- Prey by pickledminx - Regina/Ruby.
- a pet of her own by fresh_brainss - Regina/Snow. **off-LJ link**
- One Last Time by demoka - Regina/Snow.
- Wishing Stars by salmon_pink - Regina/Tinkerbell.
- Familial Familiar by salmon_pink - Regina/Zelena.
- Chapter Three: The Twins of "Velvet and Stone" by fresh_brainss - Regina/Ruby. **off-LJ link**

{One Piece}
- Nibbled by salmon_pink - Nami/Vivi.

{The Originals}
- Seeing Red by xjadedgrlx - Cami/Davina.
- Okay by xjadedgrlx - Hayley/Rebekah.

{Orphan Black}
- the same but not by fresh_brainss - Alison/Beth. **off-LJ link**
- Franglais by fresh_brainss - Cosima/Delphine. **off-LJ link**
- Sim'ya by merryghoul - Helena/Sarah.

{Pitch Perfect}
- Shower by aerisahale - Beca/Chloe. **off-LJ link**

- she has become by aerisahale - Lirin/Yaone. **off-LJ link**

{Teen Wolf}
- Scratches by aerisahale - Allison/Erica. **off-LJ link**
- sinking by fresh_brainss - Allison/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- A Lady, Not a Beast by E_sha - Allison/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- but, aren't you dead? by mccallsmelissa - Allison/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- no one else could by aerisahale - Allison/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- In the Gardens Tonight by aerisahale - Cora/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- The Chase by xjadedgrlx - Erica/Cora.
- apples and hairspray by fresh_brainss - Erica/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- into dust by fresh_brainss - Jennifer/Kali. **off-LJ link**
- try to kill it all away by fresh_brainss - Lydia/Malia. **off-LJ link**
- New Relationship by xjadedgrlx - Lydia/Malia.
- make me forget by fresh_brainss - Lydia/Melissa. **off-LJ link**
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