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{31 may - 2 june 2014}

{Agents of SHIELD}
- Fly Me To the Sun by salmon_pink - Jemma/Skye.

{Black Sails}
- Happily Ever After by xjadedgrlx - Eleanor/Max.

- Linger by temari778 - Orihime/Rukia.

{Brooklyn Nine-Nine}
- Super-Secret Hookup Bathroom by fresh_brainss - Gina/Rosa. **off-LJ link**

{Criminal Minds}
- Fatigue by temari778 - Emily/JJ.

- Life by michaelchance - Catherine/Sara. (Vegas) **off-LJ link**
- Still of the Night by michaelchance - Catherine/Sara. (Vegas) **off-LJ link**

- Birthday Rides by demoka - Harley/Ivy.
- Tornado Warning by salmon_pink - Kate/Renee.

{The Devil Wears Prada}
- Part 3: Setting the Stage of "The Painter" by devildream69 - Andy/Miranda.
- Chapter 1 of "Memories In March" by evilangels26 - Andy/Miranda.
- Part 1/33 of "Siege" by punky_96 - Miranda/OFC.
- dvlwears_prada - Ramp-Up Challenge: Plus or Minus

- Hook, Line, and Sinker by salmon_pink - Ariel/Ursula.
- Hard Wear by salmon_pink - Calhoun/Helga.

{Faking It}
- your hands are mine to hold by fresh_brainss - Amy/Karma. **off-LJ link**

{Final Fantasy}
- Vagabond by athenemiranda - Alyssa/Serah. (FFXIII-2)

{Fullmetal Alchemist}
- Silence by drummerdancer - Gracia/Winry.

{Harry Potter}
- Sibling Rivalry by inamac - Bellatrix/Narcissa.
- Flight Pains by demoka - Fleur/Hermione.
- Escape by rebecca_selene - Luna/Narcissa. **off-LJ link**
- hpsapphicappeal - 2014 Sapphic Love Fest Rules

- Two Ships Passing by mercurybard - Faith/Willow. (BtVS) **off-LJ link**

- Peace Has Dawned by salmon_pink - Aurora/Maleficent.
- Love Anew by fresh_brainss - Aurora/Maleficent. **off-LJ link**
- Like Leaves On a Breeze by salmon_pink - Aurora/Maleficent.

- Turned Tables by the_kellephant - America/Kate. **off-LJ link**

- To Yearn by salmon_pink - Jane/Sif.
- faith in the faithless by fresh_brainss - Maria/Sharon. **off-LJ link**

{Once Upon a Time}
- the blood queen and the lionhearted girl by fresh_brainss - Aurora/Cora. **off-LJ link**
- Wolf Secrets by demoka - Belle/Ruby.
- wherever I'm with you by fresh_brainss - Belle/Red. **off-LJ link**
- Sweetest Surrender by salmon_pink - Cora/Ruby.
- Emma Swan and the Gooey Kablooey (guest starring Henry Mills) by demoka - Emma/Regina.
- like ivy on stone by fresh_brainss - Regina/Snow. **off-LJ link**
- Sweet & Strong by fresh_brainss - Ruby/Tinkerbell. **off-LJ link**

{The Originals}
- Closing Time by xjadedgrlx - Cami/Davina.
- Popular by xjadedgrlx - Hayley/Rebekah.

{Orphan Black}
- let me by fresh_brainss - Alison/Beth. **off-LJ link**
- i am a few (i am none) by fresh_brainss - Alison/Beth/Cosima. **off-LJ link**
- close your eyes (and think of me) by fresh_brainss - Cosima/Delphine. **off-LJ link**
- our thoughts compressed by fresh_brainss - Rachel/Sarah. **off-LJ link**

- Masquerade by redacted author - Irene/Kate.

{Teen Wolf}
- Sanctuary by Medie - Allison/Kira. **off-LJ link**
- She Says by Nanoochka - Allison/Lydia. **off-LJ link**
- run away with me by fresh_brainss - Laura/Lydia. **off-LJ link**

{Warehouse 13}
- Once Upon an Artifact by pickledminx - HG/Myka.

- femslash100 - Challenge #410: Remainder Week
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