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{30 june - 14 july 2014}

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Please note: Due to its popularity, as well as the length of time since the last update, none of femslash100's drabbletag5 stories are listed in this update. There is a link to the prompt masterlist posts in the {misc} section of this update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

{American Mary}
- In Her Image by fresh_brainss - Beatress/Ruby

{Battlestar Galactica}
- It Only Takes a Pinch by fragrantwoods - Laura/Ellen
- Breathing Fire by [ profile] omg_wtf_yeah - Kara Thrace/Tough Six **off-LJ link**

- Fringe by temari778 - Tatsuki/Orihime

{Chronicles of Narnia}
- With A Clouded View by prunesquallormd - Lucy/Susan

- Chapter 16 of What Love Is by semerket - Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn (Batman)
- Powerless by fresh_brainss - Dana/Inque (Batman Beyond) **off-LJ link**

{Devil Wears Prada}
- Dragon Juice by bored_random - Miranda/Andy **off-LJ link**
- Addicted to the Thrill by whitedragon1988 - Miranda/Andy
- Mama's Boy by evilangels26 - Miranda/Andy
- A Glacial Pace by theladyholl - Andy/Miranda
- Too Big to Fail by jazwriter - Miranda/Andy
- The Land of We by ryaninthesky - Miranda/Andy
- You Can Never Tell by loxodontack - Miranda/Andy
- Trust by brithna - Miranda/Andrea
- Bourbon Shadows by winter156 - Miranda/Andrea
- Miranda's New Obsession by brithna - Miranda/Andy
- Pecos Bill by jah728 - Andy/Miranda
- Chapter 4 of More Than Just Baggage by heartsassassin - Miranda/Andy
- Part 1 of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Fired by menzosarres - Miranda/Andy
- Part 1 & Part 2 of No Regrets by redcharcoaldwp - Miranda/Andy
- Chapter 16 of High Glow by cgirlspalace - Miranda/Andy **off-LJ link**
- Part 7 of Siege by punky_96 - Andrea/Chelsea
- Chapter 20 of Things You Just Can’t Do by brithna - Miranda/Andy
- Part 7: The Flames, The Forge And The Hammer of The Painter by devildream69 - Miranda/Andy

- Warm Fluff by salmon_pink - Lady/Duchess (Lady And The Tramp/The Aristocats)
- Fairest Temptation by salmon_pink - Megara/Snow White

- There's a Fire (Starting in My Heart) by agirlnamedtruth - Lucy/Mina **off-LJ link**

{Final Fantasy}
- Silent Persuasion by [personal profile] larathia - Celes/Terra (FF6) **off-LJ link**
- Twilight Requiem by [personal profile] larathia - Celes/Terra (FF6) **off-LJ link**
- Biter by [personal profile] larathia - Celes/Terra (FF6) **off-LJ link**

{Game of Thrones}
- Part 23 & Part 24 of Hot Coffee by tamoline - Sansa/Daenerys

{Golden Girls}
- Misguided Experiment by katleept - Blanche/Dorothy

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Torres by tweetums219 - Callie/Arizona
- Chapter 9, Chapter 10, & Chapter 11 of Long Way Around by zenparadox - Callie/Arizona
- Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 of In Between by shinara66 - Callie/Arizona

{Harry Potter}
- Hope Spot by dustbunny105 - Parvati Patil/Lavender Brown
- First Time by hikarievandar - Narcissa/Lily
- Succubus by hikarievandar - Bellatrix/Lily
- hpsapphicappeal's Second Annual Sapphic Love Fest - Prompt List & Claiming Post
- samhain_smut - Prompts available for claiming

- This Skin Doesn't Fit by [personal profile] anaraine - Kikyou/Kagome **off-LJ link**

- My Pretty Princess by [ profile] JohnOConnor - Cordelia/Dawn (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- i never really got what i wanted by [ profile] kiira - Buffy/Faith (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Kiss of Life by aaronlisa - Cordelia Chase/Dawn Summers (BtVS/AtS)
- Midnight Snack by wildlinggirl - Darla/Drusilla (BtVS)
- Teaching the Stars how to set themselves on fire by clockwork_hart1 - Dawn/Amy Pond (BtVS/Dr Who crossover)
- Do not disturb by [ profile] emptyvessels - Faith/Buffy (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- 30 Day Challenge: Day 10 by evelyncarver - Willow/Tara (BtVS)
- Best Dressed by carlyinrome - Dawn/Faith (BtVS)
- Chapter 69 of College Confidential by laraghwrites - Willow/Tara (BtVS)
- femslash_minis - Round 105 Masterlist: Fandom Tropes and Cliches

{Kingdom Hearts}
- Passive Forgetful by salmon_pink - Larxene/Naminé

{Legend of the Seeker}
- CARA AND KAHLAN: GETTING OVER MASON by greatshow - Cara/Kahlan

{Marvel's Agents of SHIELD}
- Scientific Method by swan_secrets - Jemma/Skye

- Naked and Normal by [personal profile] sugaredcitrus - Darcy/Jane **off-LJ link**

- Heart of Queens by agirlnamedtruth - Morgana/Gwen **off-LJ link**
- Such Selfish Prayers (And I Can't Get Enough) by agirlnamedtruth - Gwen/Morgana **off-LJ link**
- We're All Just Pieces In Their Games by agirlnamedtruth - Morgana/Gwen **off-LJ link**
- Chained by agirlnamedtruth - Morgana/Gwen **off-LJ link**
- I Swallow The Sound And It Swallows Me Whole by agirlnamedtruth - Gwen/Morgana **off-LJ link**

{Once Upon a Time}
- Stubbornness Submitted by salmon_pink - Ruby/Emma
- Fighting Fire by faithinthepoor - Emma/Regina
- Purple On White by salmon_pink - Snow/Cinderella
- Exposed Fants by salmon_pink - Red/Anita
- A Sting of Caution by salmon_pink - Zelena/Glinda
- Restored by demoka - Snow White/Emma
- Part 15 of Break Point Alpha by scarimor - Regina Mills/Emma Swan **off-LJ link**

- Chapters 7-18 of Into the Furnace by geonncannon - OFC/OFC **off-LJ link**

{The Originals}
- A Cold Shower by xjadedgrlx - Cami O'Connell/Davina Claire
- The Real Power by xjadedgrlx - Cami O'Connell/Davina Claire

{Penny Dreadful}
- Portent by alba17 - Mina/Vanessa

{Pitch Perfect}
- Or Else by canadiandiamond - Beca/Chloe

{Power Rangers}
- Unfamiliar by [personal profile] eggplantlady - Lily/Camille (Jungle Fury) **off-LJ link**
- The Greatest Rewards by [personal profile] dahlia_moon - Sydney Drew/Elizabeth "Z" Delgado (S.P.D.) **off-LJ link**

{The Secret Circle}
- Reconnecting by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Study Break by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Led Me Through The Darkness by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Mother's Intuition by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- New To Me by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Hear Faye Roar by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Telling Dad by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- I Missed You by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain
- Say Yes to the Dress by xjadedgrlx - Diana Meade/Faye Chamberlain

{Teen Wolf}
- Say You Will Save Me by [ profile] allisonmartined - Allison Argent/Lydia Martin **off-LJ link**
- can't let you go by [ profile] silverwalls - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- I Should've by [ profile] SexyFruitNugget - Jennifer/Kali **off-LJ link**
- Hopeless Wanderer by [ profile] hollandperfection - Allison Argent/Lydia Martin **off-LJ link**
- and you will never feel the pain by [ profile] haletastic - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- The Wolf and the Dame by [ profile] hollandperfection - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- You've got to be what tomorrow needs by [ profile] Thirteen94 - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- When Allison and Lydia exchanged ‘I Love You’s by [ profile] presumablynot - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- Ferocity by [personal profile] larathia - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- Do It Again by [ profile] Zombiegravitation - Paige/Laura Hale **off-LJ link**
- Amara by [ profile] xRamona - Allison Argent/Lydia Martin **off-LJ link**
- I will wait for you by [ profile] Thirteen94 - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**
- Welcome to the Jungle by [ profile] kittenslisten - Allison/Lydia **off-LJ link**

- Play It Again by katleept - Xena/Gabrielle
- Sweet Warrioress Mine by katleept - Gabrielle/Xena

- femslash100 - challenge #416 ~ experiment
- femslash100 - Drabbletag5 masterlist of prompts & fills

Note: Due to the length of this update, some femslashy items may have been missed. If something of yours was missed, it wasn't intentional in any way. Just leave a comment to this post with the following information and we'll get it in the next update: Fandom, Title, Author, Pairing, URL.

Thank you!
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