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{30-31 july 2014}

{The Devil Wears Prada}
- Best Christmas Ever 1/5 by pure_ecstasy6 - Andy/Miranda.
- Untitled by pure_ecstasy6 - Andy/Miranda.
- The Dragon Queen and the Princess by jah728 - Andy/Miranda.
- Rescue Me by jah728 - Andy/Miranda.
- Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of "About Things Lost and Gained" by ficburd - Andy/Miranda.

{Doctor Who}
- Shot In the Dark by mia_zeklos - Clara/River (DW).
- Swim by swan_secrets - Amy/Mels (DW).
- The Age of Aquarius by swan_secrets - Clara/OFC (DW).

- Passing the Pom Poms by 4kennedy - Brittany/Santana.

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Chapter 16 of "In Between" by shinara66 - Arizona/Callie.

{Harry Potter}
- Comfort by hikarievandar - Bellatrix/Narcissa.
- Maid of Dishonour by hikarievandar - Bellatrix/Narcissa.

- Not through with you by consumedly - Dawn/Faith (BtVS).
- Infinite by consumedly - Dawn/Willow (BtVS).
- Chapter 2 of "Like a Friend" by KKL - Buffy/Faith (BtVS). **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 71 of "College Confidential" by laraghwrites - Tara/Willow (BtVS).

{Marvel Cinematic Universe}
- Her Favorite Spot by alba17 - Maria/Natasha.
- Hers by fresh_brainss - Maria/Natasha. **off-LJ link**

{Once Upon a Time}
- Fine Things by fresh_brainss - Alice/Anastasia (OUaTiW). **off-LJ link**
- Deep Red by fresh_brainss - Anastasia/Regina (OUaTiW crossover). **off-LJ link**
- Water-Barer by salmon_pink - Ariel/Belle.
- Dirty Little Secret by swan_secrets - Aurora/Mulan.
- Finding My Forever Home by demoka - Emma/Mary Margaret.
- Unbalanced Balance by salmon_pink - Emma/Regina.

{Original Fiction}
- Chapter Twenty-Six of "Into the Furnace" by geonncannon - OFC/OFC.

{The Originals}
- Beauty Means Something Different by xjadedgrlx - Davina/Monique.

{Orphan Black}
- Target by temari778 - Alison/Angie.
- To Behold by temari778 - Cosima/Delphine.

{Teen Wolf}
- Near To You by millsandcrane - Kira/Malia. **off-LJ link**
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