put that on your balls! (thenewhope) wrote in femslash_today,
put that on your balls!

celebrate! good times: femslash_today porn battle

hey ho. so, we've just recently passed the 1,000 watcher mark here at femslash_today, which is totally awesome and yay. and couldn't have happened without the incredibly dedicated and awesome people who volunteer again and again. my thanks and awe goes out to them

and, if you ask me, it seems like a pretty darn good excuse to throw another porn battle.

the way it works is pretty simple:
- from now until midnight EST this Wednesday (September 26th), we'll be collecting prompts in the comments to this post (we'll get to the guidelines for the prompts in a second)
- at some point soon after midnight Wednesday, a post listing all of the prompts will go up
- you'll have from then until midnight Wednesday (October 3rd) to write, draw, manip or vid the hottest porn you can come up with from the prompts and post them in a comment to the prompt list post
- you can enter as many times as you want, using as many prompts as spark your interest. as many people as want can use each prompt - heck, use your own prompt if you feel like it
- the only limits on entries is that they a.) fit into one comment window (that's 4,300 characters) and b.) be porny (more on how to post your entries will be included in the second post)

guidelines on how to post prompts:
- the prompts should be simple, just a fandom, character/pairing/threesome/foursome/orgy and inspiration word. post them in this format: fandom, pairing, inspiration word
- if your prompt is a crossover pairing, please put the word "crossover" at the beginning of your prompt, like this: Crossover, fandoms, pairing, inspiration word
- don't reuse prompts from the last porn battles
- any fandom, from tv to book to RPFS to movie, is okay
- post as many prompts as you can come up with!
- do not leave a new comment for each prompt - fit as many prompts as you can into one comment. if you come up with more prompts after you've already posted a comment, leave your new prompts in a new comment to the post, NOT to your previous comment.

*IMPORTANT!* because of the recent lj-wank, no fic/art/etc. featuring underage characters will be allowed. this does not mean you can't leave prompts for fandoms like Harry Potter, but simply that any fic written from these prompts MUST be about characters during a time in their life when they are above the age of consent. if you do not follow this rule, your entry will be deleted without warning.

for instance, a couple of my prompts:
Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Sora, count
NCIS, Ziva/Jen, fight
Harry Potter, Luna/Ginny, travel weary
Crossover, Supernatural/Veronica Mars, Veronica/Jo, stun

sound good? get to it then! and don't forget to pimp!
Tags: !challenges: celebrate good times
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