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{guns & microscopes}

the cop and crime scene investigation fandom ficathon master list

- geonncannon wrote The Coliseum Crumbles (Cold Case, Lilly/OFC) for joran
- omiceti wrote The Clean Horse of Our Courage (L&O CI, Eames/Barek) for lfae
- omiceti wrote A View of the Open Sky (L&O SVU, Casey/Olivia) for seftiri
- mrswoman wrote Mine (CSI Vegas, Catherine/Sofia) for ariestess
- mrswoman wrote Guiding Light (CSI Vegas, Catherine/Sara) for bluflamingo
- joran wrote The Phone Rang (L&O SVU, Alex/Olivia) for cabenson
- bluflamingo wrote Life Changing Events (CSI Vegas, Catherine/Sara) for lysachan
- celievamp wrote All My Best Moves (Cold Case, Lilly/Josie) for geonncannon
- celievamp wrote Ask Her (L&O CI, Eames/Barek) for omiceti
- babylil wrote Distractions (Without a Trace/The X-Files, Sam/Monica) for celievamp
- lysachan wrote Moving On (L&O SVU/Without a Trace, Olivia/Sam) for waywardpen
- geonncannon wrote To Kiss Fingerprinted Skin (CSI Vegas, Catherine/Sara for bluflamingo
- ralst wrote Joint (Fastlane, Billie/Sara) for voleuse
- tremblingmoon wrote Not So Soft (L&O SVU, Alex/Olivia) for earthangie
- scarletts_awry wrote Floated (CSI NY, Lindsay/Stella) for ctorres
- seftiri wrote A Trick of the Eye (CSI Vegas, Sara/Sofia) for ralst
- jeniusfic wrote Untitled (L&O SVU, Melinda Warner/Casey) for quasiradiant
- quasiradiant wrote the circumstance of fired shots (L&O CI, Barek/Eames) for bast2
- kennedyismyhero wrote One Night (CSI/Crossing Jordan, Sara/Jordan) for joanne_c
- earthangie wrote Building and Bridges (L&O SVU, Alex/Olivia) for netgirl_y2k
- earthangie wrote Untitled (CSI Vegas, Catherine/Sara) for netgirl_y2k
- ariestess wrote Waiting (CSI Vegas, Sara/Sofia) for kennedyismyhero
- netgirl_y2k wrote Twisted (L&O SVU, Benson/Warner) for scarletts_awry
- joanne_c wrote Kate Watches Abby (NCIS, Kate/Abby) for mrswoman
- cabenson wrote The Bitch is Back for fickitten
- joran wrote Payoff (L&O CI Bareck/Eames) for omeceti
- ctorres wrote Recoil (L&O/SVU Melinda Warner/Anita Van Buren) for tremblingmoon.
- voleuse wrote A Bitter Flour (NCIS, Abby/Ziva) for babylil.

you are now free to post your story in your journal or to a related fic community, making sure to mention who you wrote for and to link back to the ficathon. please leave a link to your story in a comment to this post and it will be added to the master list.

remember, feedback and pimping are both things of awesomeness.
Tags: !ficathons, cold case, crossing jordan, csi ny, csi vegas, fastlane, law & order: criminal intent, law & order: svu, ncis, without a trace

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