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Green Beer & Kisses 2014: The [Totally Not] Annual femslash_today Porn Battle :: Prompt Posting

The Porn Battle is now CLOSED.

Hey there, folks. Welcome to the vaguely annual f_t porn battle. The rules are pretty simple, easy to follow and go as such:
  • Pick a prompt, any prompt and write or draw or manip the steamiest thing you can from it.
  • When you've finished your porn, post it in a comment to this post.
  • If you wrote a story that is longer than 4,300 characters you can either: post it in a linked stream of comments to this post, or post it in your journal and link it here.
  • If you created art and it's wider than 400 pixels, create a thumbnail and use it to link directly to the artwork, not to your journal or website.
  • Use the subject line of your comment to label your fic/artwork. use this format: title, fandom, pairing, inspiration word.
  • Once you've posted your piece here, feel free to post it anywhere else. Just make sure to link back to this main post.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you'd like. As many people as are inspired can use each prompt, so don't worry if someone else has already used the prompt you've got your eye on - just go for it.
  • You have until 2359 PDT on Monday, 17 March 2014 to post your piece.
  • Please post only submissions and feedback to this post. Feedback as much as you can, but make sure you've clicked the comment link that leads to the story you want to feedback, and not the main post before you click "submit"! Any questions or comments should be posted to the original post with a subject line of either QUESTION or COMMENT.
  • There's a good chance some prompts went missing during the organization process - if you notice some of your prompts missing and want to make sure they get added in, just pm me with a link to your original prompt submission comment. I'll do my best to get them back on the list as soon as possible.

A masterlist of all of the pornorific fic and art created here will be posted up as a separate entry on 26 March 2 April 2011.

Remember, this is where you comment with your fic/art/etc. see the following for prompts...
Tags: !challenges: green beer & kisses
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