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{13-15 may 2014}

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{Battlestar Galactica}
- Bad Day by astreamofstars - Laura/Kara

{Brooklyn Nine-Nine}
- In Which Diaz Really, Really Hates Anniversaries by fresh_brainss - Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz

{The Closer}
- Brand New by ubiquitousmuse - Brenda/Sharon
- Part 4 of What’s Eating Sharon Raydor? by cylonraydor - Brenda/Sharon

{Criminal Minds}
- Drive by magrat70 - JJ/Emily

{Devil Wears Prada}
- The Whole Wide World Is Free by cgirlspalace - Miranda/Andy **off-LJ link**
- Logic Doesn't Seem To Mind by cgirlspalace - Miranda/Andy **off-LJ link**

{Final Fantasy}
- Art Discussions by [personal profile] larathia - Celes/Terra (FF6) **off-LJ link**

- Cell Block Tango by kiarcheo - Santana/Rachel
- Road Trip by kiarcheo - Santana/Rachel
- You and I by kiarcheo - Santana/Rachel

{Grey's Anatomy}
- Chapter 2 of Long Way Around by zenparadox - Callie/Arizona

{Harry Potter}
- A Pirate's Life for Me by ragdoll - Captain Tonks the Pink/Fleur the Damsel in Distress
- Almost Innocent by pauraque - Alicia Spinnett/Katie Bell
- femmefest - Femmefest 2014 Official Reveals and Masterlist

{The Hobbit}
- Pleasant Conversation by [personal profile] anaraine - Sigrid/Tauriel **off-LJ link**

- Seems I'm Always Thinking of You by lynzie914 - Dawn/Elena (BtVS crossover with The Vampire Diaries)
- Eyefucking by [ profile] Mrs_Rosenberg - Tara/Willow (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Whore by [ profile] Teland - Darla/Drusilla (BtVS) **off-LJ link**
- Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 of Eros by kikimay - Buffy/Faith (BtVS)

- Part 2 of Origin Story by geonncannon - OFC/OFC

{The Originals}
- My Muse by xjadedgrlx - Cami O'Connell/Davina Claire
- The Hunt by xjadedgrlx - Hayley Marshall/Rebekah Mikaelson

{Person of Interest}
- (a portrait in ones and zeroes) by phoenixfalls - Root/The Machine

{Teen Wolf}
- blood and glitter by fresh_brainss - Cora/Lydia **off-LJ link**

{Warehouse 13}
- Warehouse Job by pickledminx - Claudia Donovan/H.G. Wells

- dogged_by_muses presents Finish What You Started!
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