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{love bites 2: v-day porn battle prt 1}

howdy, folks. it's a tad bit early, but. welcome to love bites 2: the femslash_today valentine's porn battle. the rules are pretty simple, easy to follow and go as such:

- pick a prompt, any prompt and write or draw or manip the steamiest thing you can from it.
- when you've finished your porn, post it in a comment to this post. if you wrote a story, make sure it can fit into one comment, so it'll have to be under 4,300 characters. if you created art and it's wider than 400 pixels, create a thumbnail and use it to link directly to the artwork, not to your journal or website.
- use the subject line of your comment to label your fic/artwork. use this format: title, fandom, pairing, inspiration word.
- once you've posted your piece here, feel free to post it anywhere else. just make sure to link back to this main post.
- repeat this process as many times as you'd like. as many people as are inspired can use each prompt, so don't worry if someone else has already used the prompt you've got your eye on - just go for it.
- you have until midnight (EST) on February 18th to post your piece.
- please post only submissions and feedback to this post. feedback as much as you can, but make sure you've clicked the comment link that leads to the story and not the main post before you post your feedback! any questions or comments should be posted to the original post.

all fandoms with 30+ prompts are listed below, while all other fandoms can be found here. however, this is the place where you need to post your submissions, even if they involve fandoms listed on the second post.

as of early Monday morning, this battle is closed. the master list of entries will be up by the end of the day.

battlestar galactica
BSG, Kara/Laura, closer
BSG, Kara/Kat, run
BSG, Kara/Cain, nothing
BSG, Kara/D'Anna, broken
BSG, D'Anna/Caprica, take
BSG, Laura/Cain, no one
BSG, Laura/Caprica, needed
BSG, Laura/Kat, cold
BSG, Laura/Tory, personal
BSG, Tory/Maya, last
BSG, Kat/Racetrack, stars
BSG, D'Anna/Boomer, curse
*BSG, Laura/D'Anna, blood
BSG, Tory/Kat, watched
BSG, Laura/Ellen, fear
BSG, Kara/Dee, dust
BSG, Cain/Gina, quiet
BSG, Athena/Racetrack, clipboard
BSG, Athena/Racetrack, effort
BSG, Athena/Racetrack, noticed
BSG, Racetrack/Starbuck, carrot
BSG, Racetrack/Starbuck, million miles
BSG, Starbuck/Athena, Almond Joy
*BSG, Racetrack/Athena, space
BSG, Caprica/Boomer, abandon
*BSG, Racetrack/Starbuck, never
*BSG, Racetrack/Starbuck, heart
BSG, Cain/Roslin, President's Office
BSG, Six/Athena, help
Battlestar Galactica, Tory/Roslin/Three, demands
Battlestar Galactica, Six/Kara, desperate
Battlestar Galactica, Kat/Racetrack, time
*BSG, Starbuck/Roslin, high heels
BSG, D'Anna/Roslin, reckless
BSG, Tory/Roslin, ink stain
BSG, Roslin/Maya, glasses
BSG, Roslin/Maya, necessity
BSG, Roslin/Starbuck, relief
BSG, Roslin/Starbuck, fight
BSG, Athena/Roslin, yield
BSG, Boomer/Six, unfolding
BSG, Ellen/Roslin, blind
*BSG, Laura Roslin/Caprica Six, knowing
BSG, Caprica/Boomer, betrayal
BSG, Kat/Racetrack, tough
BSG, Laura/Maya, peace
BSG, Laura/Tory, mind games
BSG, Kara/Caprica, human
BSG, Caprica/Boomer, loss
BSG, Laura/Caprica, god
BSG, Ellen/Roslin, despair
BSG, Racetrack/Tory, hidden corners
BSG, Ellen/Three, glimpses
BSG - Laura/Kara, chocolate
BSG - Laura/Kara, whimsy
BSG - Laura/Kara, blackmail
BSG - Laura/Kara, frilly
BSG - Laura/Helena, unsettled
BSG - Laura/Helena, cold
BSG - Laura/Helena, strength
BSG - Laura/Helena, truth
*BSG - Laura/Tory, professionalism
BSG - Laura/Maya, insatiable
BSG, Roslin/Starbuck, power
BSG, Roslin/Cain, enemy
BSG, Cally/Kat, indulgence
BSG, Cally/Kara, presents
BSG, Cally/Roslin, secrets
BSG: Kara/Laura, gifts
BSG: Kara/Laura, toys
BSG: Kara/Laura, Candy
BSG: Kara/Laura, Aggression
BSG: Laura/Maya, teaching
BSG: Laura/Maya, paradise
BSG, Sharon/Boomer, dragon
BSG, Six/Kara, sweat
*BSG, Laura/Caprica, perspicacity
BSG, Kat/Racetrack/Roslin, whips
BSG, Three/Tory/Roslin, camera
BSG, Boomer-8/Starbuck, trail
BSG, Caprica-6/Boomer-8, heart

buffy & angel
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, cheeky
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, bouquet
BtVS, Buffy/Willow, enunciate
BtVS, Dawn/Faith, gutter
BtVS, Dawn/Tara, bask
BtVS, Faith/Tara, midstream
BtVS, Tara/Anya, mania
BtVS, Willow/Anya, melting point
BtVS, Willow/Tara, asserted
BtVS, Willow/Tara, equilibrium
BtVS, Buffy/Kendra, primal
BtVS, Buffy/Kendra, concrete
*BtVS, Willow/Tara, lazy Sunday
BtVS, Willow/Tara, sparks
BtVS, Willow/Tara, laughter
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, staring
BtVS, Faith/Buffy, candy hearts
BtVS, Dawn/Faith, valentines
AtS, Faith/Fred, marshmellow peeps
BtVS, Cordelia/Faith, dye
BtVS, Anyaka/Halfrek, gem
BtVS, Cordelia/Lilah, Jimmy Choo
BtVS, Kendra/f, first times
BtVS, Willow/Tara, smirk
BtVS, Willow/Tara, twirl
BtVS, Willow/Tara, bruise
BtVS, Willow/Faith, lesson
BTVS, Dawn/Rhonda, turn
BTVS, Amanda/Dawn, secret
BTVS, Willow/Cordelia, nasty
BTVS, Buffy/Kendra, toy
ATS, Faith/Lilah/Eve, Wild On
ATS, Faith/Kate, remember
ATS, Kate/Lilah, 666
Angel, Faith/Kate, New life.
BtVS, Willow/Faith, Sniggers.
BtVS, Anya/Drusilla, Shrill.
BtVS, Buffy/Cordelia, irony
BtVS, Buffy/Kendra, mythology
BTVS, Kendra/Faith, honor
BTVS/ATS Gwen/Faith- spark
Buffy, Amanda/Vi, saccharine
Buffy, Molly/Dawn, aspertime
Buffy, Eve/Fred, memoranda
Angel, Fred/Lilah, Lure
*BtVS, Willow/Fred, angles
*BtVS, Buffy/Faith, sunshine
BTVS/Angel, Dawn/Lilah, Impressionable.
Angel/BtVS, Fred/Willow, map
Angel/BtVS, Fred/Willow, sphere
BtVS, Lilah/Buffy, bad reputation
BtVS, Lilah/Buffy, foolish games
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, slow jam
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, exquisite
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, wanton
BtVS, Buffy/Faith, jazz hands

dcu (comics, cartoons & bop tv)
DC Comics, Lois/Diana, Finders keepers.
DC Comics, Dinah/Stephanie, Idols.
DC Comics, Barbara/Zinda, Stand in.
DC Comics, Renee Montoya/Harley/Ivy, Asking.
DC Universe, Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, twigs
Birds of Prey, Huntress/Oracle, deep
Birds of Prey, Huntress/Oracle, falling
DC comics, Catwoman/Spoiler, ally
DC comics (Birds of Prey), Huntress/Misfit, match
DC comics (Birds of Prey), Lois Lane/Oracle, rose
DC comics (Manhunter), Kate Spencer/Wonder Woman, diplomacy
DC comics (Teen Titans), Cassie Sandsmark/Kory, free
DC comics (Teen Titans), Mia Dearden/Rose Wilson, grab
Birds of Prey, Babs/Katarina, karma
DCU, Harley/Ivy, humour
Birds of Prey, Babs/Dinah, everything
Birds of Prey, Babs/Helena, game
**DC Comics, Montoya/Kane, red
DC, Rose Wilson/Mirage, Nut Clusters
DC, Donna Troy/Jade, Coconut
DC, Aqua Girl/Flamebird, Cream Filled
DC, Cassandra Cain (Batgirl II)/Stephanie Brown (Robin IV), Caramel
DC, Huntress/Black Canary, Last of the Box
DC : Young Justice, Secret (Greta Hayes)/Cassie Sandsmark (Wondergirl), Peanuts
DCU: Maggie Sawyer/Toby Raines, weekend
BoP TV Barbara/Helena unexpected phobia
BoP TV Barbara/Helena muffin tops
*BoP TV Barbara/Helena thought chair malfunction
BoP TV Barbara/Helena communicator malfunction
*DC Comics, Rose/Cassie (Wondergirl), fight
DC Comics, Rose/Cassie (Wondergirl), desperate measures
DC Comics, Rose/Cassandra (Batgirl), sharing
DC Comics, Rose/Raven, future
DC Comics, Anissa/Grace, top dog
DC Comics, Grace/Donna, courtship
DC Comics, Grace/Donna, warriors
DC Comics, Grace/Anissa/Donna, rituals
DC Comics, Grace/Rose, finding middle ground
DC Comics, Anissa/Rose, secret crush
*DC Comics, Cissie/Cassie, candy hearts
DC Comics, Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, attachment
BoP Comic Huntress/Oracle costume
BoP Comic Huntress/Oracle scars
BoP Comic Huntress/Oracle priorities
*BoP Comic Babs/Dinah stockings
BoP comic Babs/Dinah false alarm
BoP comic Babs/Dinah mint choc chip ice cream
DC universe Batgirl/Catwoman distraction
DC universe Batgirl/Catwoman jewels
*DC universe Batgirl/Catwoman heights
DCU Birds of Prey comicverse: Huntress/Oracle, flowers
DCU Birds of Prey comicverse: Huntress/Black Canary, werewolf movies
DCU Birds of Prey comicverse: Black Canary/Lady Shiva, disguises
*DC Comics, Cass/Steph (Batgirl/Spoiler or Batgirl/Robin), discovery
*DC Comics, Diana/Io (Wonder Woman/Amazon), magic
DC Comics, Kory/Donna (Starfire/Wonder Girl), travel
DC Comics, Dinah/Helena (Black Canary/Huntress), thighs
DC Comics, Kara/Helena (Power Girl/Huntress), flight
DC Comics, Kara/ Kimiyo (Power Girl/Dr. Light), light/glow/shine
DC Comics, Kara/Helena (Power Girl/Huntress), World's Finest legacy
DC Comics, any Supergirl/any Batgirl, World's Finest legacy
DC Comics, Kara Zor-el/ Cass Cain, white hats vs black hats
DC Comics, Kate Kane (Batwoman) /Renee Montoya, backstory
DCU, Dinah/Oracle, Static
DCU, Secret/Stephanie Brown, spectres
DCU, Valerie Pérez/Barbara Gordon, voiceover
DCU, Valerie Pérez/Cassie Sandsmark, Christmas party
*DCU, Grace Choi/Mia Dearden, latex
DCU, Fire (Beatriz da Costa)/Mary Marvel, rules of the house
DCU, Onyx/Cassandra Cain, shadowboxing
DCU, Julia Pennyworth/Selina Kyle, small talk
DCU, Earth-2 Huntress/Wonder Woman, anxieties of influence
*DCU, Donna Troy/Kory, warriors
DCU, Donna Troy/Cassie Sandsmark, ritual
DCU, Cir-El/any other Supergirl, guilt
DCU, Natasha Irons/Cir-El, milk and cookies
DCU, Scandal Savage/Knockout/Cassandra Cain, knuckles
DCU [Silver Age/New Frontier], Dinah Drake Lance/Iris West, girdles
DCU [Silver Age/New Frontier], Lois Lane/Wonder Woman, exclusive
DCAU (toonverse), Batgirl/Catwoman, apprehension
DC Elseworlds (Thrillkiller), Batgirl/Catwoman, boundaries
Justice League/JLU (toonverse), Diana/Shayera, freefall
Justice League/JLU (toonverse), Diana/Shayera, kiss you back
*Justice League/JLU (toonverse), Diana/?, satin tights
Justice League/JLU (toonverse), Mari (Vixen)/Shayera, perhaps
Teen Titans (Cartoon network), Raven/Starfire, sensuous
Teen Titans (Cartoon network), Raven/Starfire, just the beginning
Teen Titans (Cartoon network), Raven/Starfire, bare necessities

dr who & torchwood
Doctor Who, Rose/Reinette, compassion
Doctor Who, Rose/Harriet Jones, foxhunting
Doctor Who, Rose/Ursula Blake, eyeglasses
*Doctor Who, Rose/Nancy, comfort
Doctor Who, Harriet Jones/Ursula Blake, detection
Doctor Who, Reinette/Nancy, imperial
Doctor Who, Sarah Jane/Ace, education
Doctor Who, Ace/Susan, broomcloset
Doctor Who, Sarah Jane/Harriet Jones, sonic
Doctor Who, Reinette/Ursula, lipstick
Doctor Who, Nancy/Ursula, shock
Doctor Who, Susan/Sarah Jane, confusion
Doctor Who, Romana/Leela, take me time lord.
Doctor Who, Rose/Rose, time travel
Doctor Who, Rose/Sarah Jane, far away
Doctor Who, Rose/Ace, Daleks
Doctor Who, Ace/Susan, little girl lost
Doctor Who, Tegan/Nyssa, princesses
Doctor Who, Leela/Romana II, politics
*Torchwood, Suzie/Tosh, Emily Dickinson
Doctor Who/Torchwood, Rose/Suzie, Cardiff
Doctor Who, Martha/Rose, light years
Doctor Who, Rose/Sarah Jane, tantalizing
Doctor Who, Sarah Jane/Natalie, seduction
*Doctor Who, Tegan/Nyssa, struggle
Doctor Who, Liz Shaw/Sarah Jane, enemy of my enemy is my friend
Doctor Who, Ace/Romana II, terrified
Doctor Who, Grace/Sarah Jane, pain
Doctor Who: Sarah Jane/Leela, animalistic
Doctor Who: Sarah Jane/Donna, bothered
Doctor Who: Rose/Donna, coffee
Doctor Who: Romana I/Female!Doctor, innocence
Doctor Who: Reinette/Rose, awake
Doctor Who/BSG Crossover: Sarah Jane/Laura Roslin, airlock
Doctor Who/BSG Crossover: Romana/Roslin, presidents
Doctor Who/House Crossover: Sarah Jane/Cuddy
Doctor Who, Sarah Jane/Romana, Gallifrey
Doctor Who, Anji/Trix, play
Doctor Who, Sarah Jane/Liz, antagonism
Doctor Who, Romana/Leela, close
Doctor Who, Rose/Martha, doctors
Doctor Who, Lumley!Doctor/The Rani, competition
Doctor Who: Leela/Romana II, power
Doctor Who: Rose/Flora, cotton
Doctor Who: Tegan/Nyssa, celebration
Doctor Who: Leela/Toos, education
Doctor Who: Leela/Rodan, warmth
Doctor Who: Sukey/Cathica, chocolate
Doctor Who: Mel/Ace, starlight
Doctor Who: Zoe/Isobel, feathers
Doctor Who: Barbara/Susan, discovery
Doctor Who: Rose/Reinette, ceremony
Doctor Who: Victoria/Reinette, candlelight
*Torchwood, Gwen/Tosh, edges
Doctor Who, Rose/Sarah Jane, shift

grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, because of love
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, my favorite mistake
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, say yes
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Bailey, seriously
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, boredom
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, violets
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, taste in music
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, look at what you've done
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, freezer
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie, whims
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Izzie/Addison, salmon scrubs
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Meredith, mothers
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Meredith, psychiatry
Grey's Anatomy, Olivia/Meredith, normalcy
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, lovers by proximity
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, better than
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, eye contact
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, ridicule
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, exotic
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, Europe
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, rain
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, going back to New York
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, feeling well
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, intensive care
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Addison, shifts
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, taste buds
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, taut
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, cotton candy
*Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, strings
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, lithe
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, fourteen
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, fool
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, faux pas
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie/Meredith, shake
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie/Meredith, frustration
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison, delicious
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Callie, secrets
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, closets
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Cristina, popcorn
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Meredith, emergency room
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison/Meredith, lights-out
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Callie, self-serve
Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Izzie, candy heart
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Ellis Grey, steal
*Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Meredith, wife
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Cristina, laugh
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison/Meredith, sure
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison, mystery
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Cristina, everything ends
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, everything ends
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Callie, girlie drinks
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison, Alex Karev
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Meredith, bridesmaid
Grey's Anatomy, Cally/Addison/Baily, boy's club
Grey's Anatomy, Bailey/Izzie, sugar
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Christina, jealous
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, sick
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Izzie, back seat
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Nancy, vacation
Grey's Anatomy, Addison/Meredith, insecure
Grey's Anatomy, Chirstina/Callie, enemy
Grey's Anatomy, Christina/Addison/Izzie, naughty nurses
Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Callie/Addison, control
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Miranda, excellent
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Addison, ways and means
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Izzie, hug
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Meredith, whatever
Grey's Anatomy, Cristina/Callie, bitch
Grey's Anatomy, Miranda/Addison, support system
Grey's Anatomy, Miranda/Meredith, too much
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Izzie, fat free
Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Addison, denial
Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Izzie, over
Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Addison/Cristina, pariah
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Izzie/Cristina, sugar and spice
Grey's Anatomy/BSG Crossover: Addison/Roslin, redheads
Grey's Anatomy/House crossover: Izzie/Cameron, pawns
Grey's Anatomy, Meredith Grey/Christina Yang, Hogging the

harry potter
*Harry Potter, Ginny/Gabrielle Delacour, Gold-colored dresses
Harry Potter, Ginny/Eloise Midgen, Harlot
Harry Potter, Luna/Ginny, flustered
Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood/Nymphadora Tonks, mad love
Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks/Pansy Parkinson, dragon
Harry Potter, Alice Longbottom/Bellatrix Lestrange, darkest before the dawn
Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson, poor little rich girl
Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks/Cho Chang, little red ridinghood
Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour/Pansy Parkinson, snow white and blood red
Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour/Gabrielle Delacour, angel of death
Harry Potter, Pansy/Luna, polygon
Harry Potter, Ginny/Fleur, asymptote
Harry Potter, Luna/Hermione, fortune
Harry Potter, Hermoine/Pansy, wicked game
Harry Potter, Hermoine/Pansy, confession
Harry Potter, Hermoine/Pansy, who knew
Harry Potter, Hermoine/Ginny, dissolute
Harry Potter, Hermoine/Fleur, euphoria
Harry Potter, Pansy/Ginny, woo
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hermione, secret valentine
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Ginny, force
Harry Potter, Bellatrix/Narcissa/Andromeda, last goodbye
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, pigtails
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, being watched by paintings
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, teachers
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, peanut butter
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, birthday
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, hot air balloon
Harry Potter, Pansy/Hannah, mansion
Harry Potter, Pansy/Lavender, ice-cream
Harry Potter, Pansy/Lavender, The Three Broomsticks
Harry Potter, Pansy/Lavender, many years later
Harry Potter, Pansy/Padma, tea
Harry Potter, Pansy/Padma, history
Harry Potter, Pansy/Padma, library
Harry Potter, Pansy/Padma, earrings
Harry Potter, Pansy/Padma, Sappho
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, poetry
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, quills
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, silence
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, bookstore
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, snakes
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, sneaking out
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, twins
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, paradox
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, alliteration
Harry Potter, Cho/Padma, Brussels

British History, Elizabeth the 1st/Mary Queen of Scots, roses
Robots in Disguise, Dee Plume/Sue Denim, neon
Robots in Disguise, Dee Plume/Sue Denim/Ann Droid, synthesiser
MythBusters, Kari/Scottie, pink
MythBusters, Kari/Scottie, technical
*NCIS, Cote De Pablo/Lauren Holly, Hideaway.
*NCIS, Cote De Pablo/Sasha Alexander, Lost.
*NCSI, Cote De Pablo/Pauley Perette, Love Songs.
Canadian Actor , Molly Parker/Sandra Oh, chocolate
Michelle Rodriguez/Kristanna Loken, demise
*Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo/Kate Walsh, forgettable
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, red
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, mess
*Katie Heigl/Kate Walsh, blunt
Katie Heigl/Kate Walsh, blue
Katie Heigl/Kate Walsh/Ellen Pompeo, clean
*Kate Walsh/Ellen Pompeo, more
Kate Walsh/Mary-Louise Parker, and?
Mary-Louise Parker/Elizabeth Perkins, towel
Mary-Louise Parker/Allison Janney, guest
Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman, used
Naomi Watts/Nicole Kidman, light
Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh/Katie Heigl, chocolate martinis
Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh/Katie Heigl, sofa
Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh/Ellen Pompeo, dirty
Kate Walsh/Lauren Graham, conversation
Torri Higginson/Rachel Luttrell, butterflies
Molly Parker/Sandra Oh, running
House, Lisa/Jen, the voice of experience
House, Lisa/Sela, laugh lines
Kirsten Dunst/Michelle Williams, teen movies
Kirsten Dunst/Maggie Gyllenhaal, common traits
Kirsten Dunst/Maggie Gyllenhaal, ring
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, height
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, interviews
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, implicitly
*America's Next Top Model (Cycle 7), CariDee/Michelle, guitar
Minka Kelly/Adrianne Palicki, playing lesbians
Minka Kelly/Adrianne Palicki, Texas
Minka Kelly/Alona Tal, contact
Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked), melting.
Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked), coffee.
Eden Espinosa/Michelle Federer (Wicked), secret admirers.
Jossverse, Summer Glau/Amy Acker, inexperience
Salma Hayek/Penelope Cruz, Friendly
girls alod, Cheryl/nadine coming out
Maya Rudolph/Tina Fey, hiccup
Tawny Cypress/Ali Larter, beeper
Tawny Cypress/Ali Larter, coercion
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Kate Winslet, Oscars
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Julianne Moore, theater
Tina Fey/Rashida Jones, comedy
Maggie Gyllenhaal/Naomi Watts, dress
Kate Walsh/Katherine Heigl, shoes
Wicked, Stephanie/Eden, new.
Wicked, Idina/Eden, quick.
Penelope Cruz/Salma Hayek, paparazzi
Rock Star Supernova, Storm Large/Dilana, hogs
Marianne Faithfull/Anita Pallenberg, sunlight
Marianne Faithfull/Anita Pallenberg, motherhood
Marianne Faithfull/Anita Pallenberg, opium
actresses, cameron diaz/drew barrymore, kickass
hell's kitchen, heather/virginia, thyme
so you think you can dance, natalie/allison, two step
antm cycle 1, elyse/adrienne, food
antm cycle 5, kim/sarah, neckties
project runway, laura/heidi, chanel
battlestar galactica, katee/tricia, nudity
battlestar galactica/grey's anatomy, katee/katie, champagne
because i said so, lauren graham/piper perabo, costume changes
catch and release, jennifer garner/juliette lewis, kids
actresses, jodie foster/julianne moore, hannibal
*sga/bsg, rachel luttrell/katee sackhoff, conventions
politics, hillary clinton/nancy pelosi, haircuts
politics, hillary clinton/patty murray, shoes
news, elizabeth vargas/katie couric, anchor
news, elizabeth vargas/soledad o'brien, babies
news, elizabeth vegas/christiane amanpour, iraq
news, diane sawyer/barbara walters, hair dye
actresses, keira knightly/kate winslet, knickers
*actresses, cameron diaz/kate winslet, christmas
studio 60, sarah paulson/amanda peet, on set
politics, angela merkel/michele alliot-marie, defense
politics, condolezza rice/laura bush, east wing

stargate sg-1 & stargate atlantis
SGA, Cadman/Teyla, flowers
SG1, Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, stab
SG1, Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, west
SG1, Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, picnic in the sand
SG1, Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, National Geographic
SGA, Teyla/Cadman, molasses
SGA, Teyla/Cadman, ghost
SGA, Teyla/Elizabeth, last stand
SGA, Elizabeth/Cadman, sword
SGA, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, curse
SGA, Kate Heightmeyer/Laura Cadman, never
*SGA, Teyla/Kate, Chopsticks
SGA, Teyla/Kate, Bubble Bath
SGA, Teyla/Kate, Paints
SGA, Alina (from The Brotherhood)/Elizabeth, Negotiate
SGA, Teer/Kate, Strange Clientèle
SGA, Sora/Teyla, Daisy chains
SGA, Sora/Teyla/Kate, Cookies
SGA, Cadman/Teyla, rope
*SGA, Teyla/Weir, scarves
SGA, Teyla/Novak, chopsticks
SGA, Laura Cadman/Teyla Emmagen, dawn
SGA, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, couch
SGA, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, chocolate
SGA/SG1 Sam/Weir control
SSG1 Sam Carter/Vala - shorts
SGA Teyla/Sora - infinite regret
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate, kiss
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate, romantic dinner
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate, surprise
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate, rainbow
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate: candy floss
SGA Elizabeth/Kate: day off
SGA: Elizabeth/Teyla, day off
SGA: Elizabeth/Teyla, rainbow
SGA: Elizabeth/Teyla, candy floss
SGA: Elizabeth/Kate/Novak, tempted
SGA: Elizabeth/Novak, roses
SGA: Elizabeth/Novak, crush
SGA, Teyla/Cadman, C4
SGA, Teyla/Cadman, reality television
SGA, Teyla/Sora, snow
SG1, Sam/Vala, Pride Parade
SG1, Sam/Vala, boilermakers
SG1, Sam/Vala, woo
SG1, Sam/Vala, ebay
SG1, Sam/Vala, disco
SG1, Sam/Vala, frell
SG1, Sam/Vala, torrid
SG1, Sam/Vala, sleigh ride
*SG1, Sam/Vala, dick in box
SG1, Sam/Vala, here and now
SG1, Sam/Vala, hips don't lie
SG1, Sam/Vala, wild, wild, west

veronica mars
VMars, Veronica Mars/Cindy Mackenzie/Madison Sinclair, anger
VMars, Lilly Kane/Madison Sinclair, cheerleader
VMars, Madison Sinclair/Cindy Mackenzie/Lilly Kane, television
VMars, Madison/Mac/Parker, lights out
VMars, Lilly Kane/Cindy Mackenzie, grace
VMars, Carrie Bishop/Madison Sinclair, Australia
VMars, Veronica/Jackie, hater
VMars, Veronica/Madison, serious business
VMars, Lilly Kane/ Trina Echolls, hat trick
VMars, Mac/Parker, gold and silver
VMars, Lilly/Mac, eyelash
VMars, Lilly/Mac, wings
VMars, Veronica/Mac, laptop
VMars, Lilly/Mac, whimper
VMars, Lilly/Veronica, cotton
VMars, Veronica/Mac, tattoo
VMars, Veronica/Mac, orange juice
VMars, Veronica/Mac, wallpaper
VMars, Veronica/Mac, Alice in Wonderland
VMars, Mac/Hannah, not a proposal
VMars, Mac/Hannah, Vermont
VMars, Mac/Hannah, the colors of the wind
VMars, Mac/Hannah, yellow roses
VMars, Mac/Hannah, operation room
VMars, Mac/Hannah, cocaine
VMars, Mac/Hannah, twelve-hour flight
VMars, Meg/Mac, running away
VMars, Meg/Hannah, cute little girls in cute little dresses
VMars, Veronica/Meg, meadow
VMars, Madison Sinclair/Cindy Mackenzie, begging
VMars, Lauren Sinclair/Grace Manning, toothbrush
VMars, Gia Goodman/Veronica Mars, sleeping bag
VMars, Lizzy Manning/Meg Manning, laptop
VMars, Veronica/Parker, pillow
VMars, Madison/Parker, relief

Crossover, Firefly/BtVS, Amanda/River, calculus
Crossover, Veronica Mars/Heroes, Veronica/Claire, pin-up
Crossover, Harry Potter/Firefly, River/Luna, Insanity Plea
Crossover, Eureka/SGA, Laura/Zoe, Bombshell
*Crossover, Joan of Arcadia/Dead Like Me, Joan/George, dismay
Crossover, The Mighty Boosh/Nathan Barley, Ebola/Claire, energy
*Crossover: NCIS/CSI:Miami, Calleigh/Ziva, Homesick.
*Crossover: RPFS/NCIS, Cote De Pablo/Ziva David, Accents.
Crossover, Devil Wears Prada/Ugly Betty, Miranda/Wilhemina, competition
Crossover, L Word/Grey's Anatomy, Helena/Addison, proper
*Crossover, Ugly Betty/Devil Wears Prada, Amanda/Emily, gossip
*Crossover, Criminal Minds/NCIS, JJ/Ziva, guilt
Crosssover, The L Word/CSI, Shane/Sara, history
Crossover, DCU/LO:SVU Maggie Sawyer/Olivia Benson, coffee
**Crossover, Supernatural/Smallville, Jo Harvelle/Chloe Sullivan, team up
Crossover, Threshold/Cold Case, Molly/Kat, fear
Crossover, Roswell/Grey's Anatomy, Isabel/Izzie, confrontation
Crossover, The Invisible Man/Seven Days, Claire Keeply/Olga Vukavitch, white rose
Crossover, Fifth Element/Lexx, Leeloo/Xev Bellringer, heartbeat
Crossover, Six Feet Under/Wonderfalls, Claire/Jaye, faith
Crossover, Snow Queen/The Dragon King, Snow Queen/Brunhilde, icy
Crossover, Xena/The Dragon King, Xena/Brunhilde
Crossover, Underworld/Ultraviolet, Selene/Violet, darkness
Crossover, How I Met Your Mother/Doctor Who, Robin/Sarah Jane, journalism
Crossover, Press Gang/Doctor Who, Lynda Day/Sarah Jane, investigating
Crossover, The Wizard of Oz/Snow White, The Wicked Witch of the West/The Evil Queen, power
*Crossover, Wicked/Cinderella, Glinda/Cinderella, glass
crossover DEBS/OC Lucy/Marissa handcuffs
Crossover, Star Wars/Firefly, Leia/Zoe, dirty
Crossover, Star Wars/Farscape, Leia/Aeryn, wry
Crossover, Mr and Mrs Smith/House/SVU, Jane/Cameron/Alex, alias
Crossover, Mr and Mrs Smith/House, Jane/Cameron, calculations
Crossover Firefly/Deadwood - Inara/Joannie - professional courtesy
Crossover Firefly/Deadwood - River/Jane - dare
Crossover, Grey's Anatomy/ER, Addison/Neela, butter candy
Crossover, Grey's Anatomy/The L Word, Addison/Helena, heels
Crossover, Tortall/Black Jewels Trilogy, Jaenelle/Alanna, stranger
Crossover, Tortall/Black Jewels Trilogy, Jaenelle/Daine, nature
Crossover, Bones/Tru Calling, Brennan/Tru, bodies
Crossover, Bones/Tru Calling/CSI, Brennan/Sara/Tru, justice
Crossover, Heroes/Veronica Mars, Claire/Veronica, cheer
Crossover, Heroes/House, Jessica/Cameron, control
Crossover, Heroes/House, Niki/Cameron, broken
Crossover, Hollyoaks in the City/The Bill, Stella/Debbie, Ex-Valentine
Crossover, Hollyoaks in the City/The Bill, Stella/Samantha, Heart Shaped Box
Crossover, Hollyoaks in the City/New Tricks, Stella/Sandra, Pretty Prisoner
Crossover, X-Files/Fifth Element, Scully/Leeloo, mystery
Crossover, X-Files/Supernatural, Scully/Meg, dangerous
Crossover, X-Files/Dead Like Me, Scully/Daisy, opposites
Crossover, X-Files/Stargate SG1, Dana Scully/Janet Fraiser, scrubs
Crossover, X-Files/House MD, Scully/Cuddy/Stacy, tv show
*Crossover, X-Files/Loving Annabelle, Scully/Simone, cross
Crossover, X-Files/Matrix, Scully/Trinity, alone
Crossover, X-Files/Bleach, Scully/Rukia, belief
crossover Bad girls/L word Helen/Bette meeting
Crossover Bad girls/Holby city Helen/Chrissie dancing
Crossover, Cold Case/CSI, Lilly/Sara, mystery
Crossover, Cold Case/BtVS, Lilly/Faith, carnivale
Crossover, Cold Case/Angel, Lilly/Kate Locksley, locked up
Crossover, Dead Like Me/Wonderfalls, George/Jaye, unaffected
Crossover, Dead Like Me/Wonderfalls, George/Mahandra, alcohol
Crossover, Dead Like Me/Six Feet Under, George/Claire, whatever
Crossover, Dead Like Me/Brimstone, Roxy/Ash, investigation
Crossover, Dead Like Me/Brimstone, Daisy/Ros, reap
Crossover, Dead Like Me/The Invisible Man, Daisy/Claire, blondes
Dead Like Me/Sandman Crossover: George Lass/Death
Crossover, Doctor Who/West Wing, Sarah Jane/CJ, meet the press
Crossover, Doctor Who/Bones, Liz Shaw/Temperence Brennan, science
Crossover, Doctor Who/How I Met Your Mother, Robin Sparkles/Rose Tyler "Let's Go to the Mall"
Crossover, One Tree Hill/Veronica Mars, Peyton/Mac, waiting room
Crossover, One Tree Hill/Veronica Mars, Brooke/Mac, IM
Crossover, One Tree Hill/South of Nowhere, Brooke/Ashley, strawberry juice
Crossover, Alias/Tombraider, Sydney/Lara Croft, sweat
*Crossover: Alias/Battlestar Galactica: Irina/Cain, power
Crossover: Alias/Battlestar Galactica: Irina/Roslin, surveillance
Crossover: Alias/Pan’s Labyrinth: Irina/Mercedes, knives
Crossover, Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: Voyager, Crusher/Janeway, bathtub
Crossover, Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: Voyager, Ro/Torres, revenge
Crossover, Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: DS9, Ro/Kira, compromise
Crossover Star Trek TNG/Voyager - Deanna Troi/B'Elanna Torres - confidential
Crossover, Star Trek: Voyager/The X-Files, Janeway/Scully, sexual tension
Crossover, Star Trek: TNG/Star Trek: Voyager, Crusher/Janeway, captain's
Crossover, Farscape/Fifth Element, Leeloo/Chiana, giggles
Crossover, Farscape/Lexx, Chiana/Xev, fascinating
*Crossover: Farscape/Battlestar Galactica, Six/Chiana, market
Crossover: Farscape/Battlestar Galactica, Zhaan/Kara, vines
Crossover: Farscape/Battlestar Galactica, Aeryn/Kara, table
Crossover: Farscape/Battlestar Galactica, Chiana/Racetrack, catch
Crossover: Farscape/SG-1, Aeryn/Sam, plan
Crossover: Farscape/SG-1, Chiana/Vala, adrenaline
Crossover: Farscape/SG-1, Vala/Aeryn, contrast
Crossover: Farscape/SG-1, Sam/Sikozu, intelligence quotient
Crossover: Farscape/Atlantis, Chiana/Cadman, fairy tale
Crossover: Farscape/Atlantis, Elizabeth/Chiana, volcano
Crossover: Farscape/Atlantis, Aeryn/Kate, metal
Crossover: Farscape/Atlantis, Kate/Zhaan, moonlight
Crossover: Farscape/Atlantis, Teyla/Aeryn, integral
Crossover, House/SGA, Allison Cameron/Miko, Homestay
Crossover, House/SGA, Cuddy/Katie Brown, May Flowers
Crossover, House/Grey's Anatomy, Cuddy/Addison, conference
Crossover, House/Grey's Anatomy, Cuddy/Addison, skirts
Crossover, House/X-Files, Cuddy/Scully, hair dye
Crossover, House MD/Prison Break, Lisa Cuddy/Sara Tancredi
Crossover, House/CSI:Vegas, Sara/Cameron, Idealism.
Crossover, House/L Word, Cameron/Jenny, wide
Crossover, House/L Word, Cameron/Jenny, frills
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/Book of Daniel: Roslin/Judith, new aide
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica /Lost: Roslin/Juliette, curing cancer
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica /Pan’s Labyrinth: Roslin/Mercedes, freedom
Crossover. Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Roslin/Romana, planet go boom
Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who, Roslin/Sarah Jane, what might have been
Crossover, BSG/Voyager, Janeway/Roslin, lost
Crossover, Battlestar Galactica/Weeds, Roslin/Nancy, joint
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Laura Roslin/Elizabeth Weir, cake
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Teyla/Racetrack, muddle
*Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Laura Roslin/Laura Cadman, bitter
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Starbuck/Kate Heightmeyer, followed
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Athena/Cadman,
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Boomer/Kate Heightmeyer, bleed
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Six/Teyla, candy
Crossover: Battlestar Galactica/SG: Atlantis, Caprica/Elizabeth Weir, shell
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill, Rory/Peyton, sweetness
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill, Rory/Brooke, backseat
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Rory/Mac, college experiences
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars, Madeline/Mac, shoes
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/Relic Hunter, Lorelai/Sydney, sea
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/Crossing Jordan, Lorelai/Jordan, sombrero
Crossover, Gilmore Girls/Law and Order SVU, Lorelai/Olivia, alibi
Crossover, SGA/Firefly, Inara/Elizabeth, Oil
Crossover, SGA/Firefly, River/Kate, Psycho(therapy)
Crossver, SGA/SG-1, Sam/Miko, Apples
Crossover, SGA/Harry Potter, Ginny/Laura Cadman, Gingersnaps
Crossover, SG-1/SGA, Vala/Cadman, vibrator
Crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Battlestar Galactica, Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, broken
Crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Battlestar Galactica, Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, empty spaces
Crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Battlestar Galactica, Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, pieces
Crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Battlestar Galactica, Sam Carter/Kara Thrace, tickle
Crossover: SG-1/Atlantis, Vala/Elizabeth, cheap
Crossover: SG-1/Atlantis, Vala/Teyla, two seconds
Crossover: SG-1/Atlantis, Cadman/Sam Carter, arms race
Crossover: SG-1/Atlantis, Kate/Sam, breathe
Crossover, Stargate: Atlantis/Doctor Who, Teyla Emmagen/Romana, found
Crossover Stargate SG1 /House/E.R. Janet Fraiser/Cuddy/Kerry - do you remember
Crossover, SGA/Buffyverse, Teyla Emmagen/Buffy Summers, gift
Crossover, SGA/Buffyverse, Teyla Emmagen/Fred Burkle, calculations
Crossover, SGA/NCIS, Elizabeth Weir/Jenny Sheppard, tactics
Crossover, SGA/CSI:NY, Laura Cadman/Stella Bonasera, incendiary
Crossover, SG1/CSI, Sam Carter/Sofia Curtis, fast
Crossover, BtVS/Ghost Whisperer, Buffy/Melinda, snow at sunset
Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Six Feet Under, Tara/Claire, art school
Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/House M.D., Tara/Cameron, saving lives
Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Tara/Eden, the other side
Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/L Word, Faith/Shane, kiss
Crossover, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Heroes, Buffy/Claire, invincible
Crossover, Buffyverse/Six Feet Under, Dawn/Claire, scars
Crossover CSI Las Vegas/CSI Miami - Sara/Calleigh - blank verse
Crossover CSI Las Vegas/CSI Miami - Wendy/Boa Vista - party girl
Crossover, CSI:NY/Sea of Souls, Peyton/Megan, daybreak
Crossover, CSI:NY/NCIS, Aiden Burn/Abby Scuito, needle
Crossover, CSI:NY/Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Stella Bonasera/Alex Eames, odds
Crossover, CSI:NY/Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Lindsay Monroe/Megan Wheeler, wholesome
Crossover, CSI/Tru Calling, Sara/Tru, crime scene
Crossover, CSI/Tru Calling, Sara/Tru, body bag
Crossover, CSI/The X-Files, Catherine/Scully, hearts
Crossover CSI:NY/L&OCI - Stella/Eames - love and bullets
Crossover, Heroes/Angel, Charlie/Fred, convex
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Charlie/Tara, lexicon
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Claire/Buffy, athletic
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Eden/Faith, double-cross
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Eden/Faith, wet
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Eden/Willow, incompatible
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Eden/Willow, orbit
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Jessica/Faith, painless
Crossover, Heroes/BVtS, Jessica/Faith, dessert
Crossover, Heroes/Fray, Claire/Mel, daffodil
Crossover, Heroes/Lost, Audrey/Ana Lucia, dagger
Crossover, Heroes/The 4400, Audrey/Diana, aplomb
Crossover, Heroes/The 4400, Jessica/Isabelle, slick
Crossover, Heroes/The X-Files, Audrey/Scully, evacuation
Crossover, Star Wars/Firefly, Leia/Inara, yesterday
Crossover, The West Wing/The Office, Amy/Karen, pantsuit
Crossover, The Office/30 Rock, Karen/Liz, New York
Crossover, Grey's Anatomy/The West Wing, Addison/Amy, pink
Crossover, BSG/West Wing, Roslin/CJ, office
Crossover, Alias/BSG, Sydney/Lauren/Three, war
*Crossover, Farscape/Firefly, Aeryn/Inara, private
crossover, ncis/west wing, kate/cj, protection
*crossover, ncis/west wing, ziva/kate harper, undercover ops
crossover, csi:ny/l&o:svu, stella/olivia, taking aim
crossover, csi:ny/l&o:ci, stella/barak, wrong place right time
crossover, star trek: voyager/star wars, b'elanna/leia, elbow grease
crossover, battlestar galactica/star wars, starbuck/mara jade, flying solo
crossover, his dark materials/uglies, mrs. coulter/dr. cable, darkness
*crossover, the sopranos/house, dr. melfi/cuddy, consultations
crossover, karin slaughter's grant county series/the closer, sara/brenda, the big city
crossover, lisa scottoline's bennie rosato series/l&o:svu, bennie/alex, objections
crossover, lisa scottoline's dirty blonde/l&o:svu, cate/alex, bench warrants
crossover, csi:ny/medical investigation, lindsay/natalie, forensics
crossover, ncis/west wing, abby/joey lucas, sign language
crossover, l&o:svu/shark, alex/jessica, nailpolish
crossover, studio 60/west wing, marti/cj, bastards
crossover, west wing/entourage, cj/shauna, pr
crossover, joan of arcadia/wonderfalls, joan/jaye, souvenirs
Crossover, Grey's Anatomy/House, Addison/Cuddy, rules
Crossover, L&O: SVU/CSI: Miami, Olivia/Calleigh, guns
Tags: !challenges: love bites
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