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femslash_today's Journal

Your Daily Femslash Newsletter
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daily femslash newsletter
femslash_today is a daily newsletter that strives to cover everything girlslashy on livejournal.

Please leave all links to fic/art/vid/meta posts in the comments of the most recent newsletter post.

A few basic things you should know about femslash_today:

- f_t does not cover anime/manga/cartoon/video game fandoms. As of 30 November 2010, yuritoday is covering this information, but we will be linking to their updates.

- As of February '09 we do cover Harry Potter, since girls_today is no longer active on livejournal or insanejournal.

- To make things easier, you cannot join femslash_today. You can, however, friend it.

- f_t is not a recs journal. If something you posted didn't make it on to the most recent update, it's not because it wasn't good enough or because we hate you. It was missed, that's all, and we'd be glad to include it in the next update if you link us to it.

- If you do not include a header with your fic/art/etc., or your header is missing fandom, pairing or title information, your fanwork may not be included in an update. If this is the case, please leave a link in the comments of the most recent post with fandom, pairing and title information, and your link will be included in the next update.

- f_t is updated by a team of archivists. If you would like to volunteer to be part of that team, please sign up when we post our recruitment requests.

f_t is run by:
- ariestess - catch-all mod & watch list mod
- yetanothermask - tag mod
- thenewhope - general mod
- quasiradiant - archiving team mod

This community is a member of the girlwank family of journals, which includes:
- girlwank (femslash discussion)
- girlsonscreen (femslash focused tv)
- getyourtoaster (BSG mini femslash ficathons)
- femslash100 (multifandom femslash drabbles)
- madeofgay (the control center of it all)
- thelittlebang (femslash little bang)